10 Up & Coming Companies To Know & Follow In 2022

1. Hytek Tools

If laser cutting sparks your interest, pay attention. The family behind Hytek Tools is launching our perceptions of efficiency in materials manipulation into the public eye, introducing a cutting-edge strategy to creating high-performance metal fabrication. Operating out of central Minnesota, Melissa and Jason Jones, co-founders of Hytek Tools, achieve hyper quality standards with their CNC machinery, offering a range of equipment designed to perfect the art of laser cutting across an array of mediums, from traditional sheet metal to aluminum, titanium, brass, copper, bronze, and stainless steel. Their automation technology is clean and efficient, serving the likes of Paramount, Lockheed Martin, Rice University, and NASA. Compared to plasma and waterjet cutting, lasers produce a more accurate cut with far less burnout, resulting in blade sharp imagery with shockwave durability. That being said, Hytek Tools’ most viable commodity is their humanity. As a family-run business, they maintain a level of compassion for their customers that reaches all four corners of the states. In fact, Hytek Tools’ base location is the secret to their competitive pricing, and allows them ample time to oversee the entire operation from production to assembly. With galactic equipment at the helm, a personal touch is something the machines leave to the Hytek crew.

2. Sayn Beauty

Sayn Beauty was launched in 2019 with the purpose of offering luxury beauty consumers a first-class customer experience online. Sayn’s exceptional customer experience begins with their estheticians and beauty experts eager to handle all your skin and hair care concerns and help you choose the best product for you from brands such as Balmain Hair, Zo Skin Health, Skinmedica, Elta Md and other prestige brands. Every Sayn order comes with a free gift, a beautiful unboxing experience and unprecedented free overnight shipping on every single order. Sayn has really perfected the art of customer service and experience. #staysayn

3. NextEvo Naturals

Humans have a natural tendency to overconsume; we are creatures of indulgence, after all. This is true in wellness support initiatives like CBD, where we often feel the need to take a lot because it’s hard to “feel” an immediate benefit from the compound. NextEvo Naturals, a premium supplement brand focused on revolutionizing the delivery of nutritional compounds, is changing the way we enjoy hemp-derived CBD by showing us that a little goes a long way. Step into any holistic market, and you’re bound to find rows of CBD treats that promise “exceptional results” with little to no instruction on dosage advice. Beyond that, we have countless CBD-specific retail stores offering a rainbow of products to fit every lifestyle. CBD is here to stay, so why not make the most of it? NextEvo Naturals have designed a product line that improves how our bodies absorb and process CBD using its SmartSorb technology. Because our bodies are water-based, the bulk of CBD consumption goes to waste, as most capsules are oil-based and collide with water. NextEvo Naturals is able to achieve greater results with smaller doses, presenting a competitive player in an overly-saturated market. Additionally, the team behind NextEvo is comprised of scientists, medical advisors, and wellness coaches to deliver no-fluff, evidence-based products that correct the narratives surrounding CBD consumption. NextEvo Naturals is producing the CBD you should be taking, driving the evolution of plant-based wellness.

4. Hangover Hoodies

Some days, the vibe is just a statement piece and maximum comfort, and that’s perfectly acceptable. If there’s one thing a pandemic has taught us, it’s to embrace what feels right and simplify the daily grind, and Hangover Hoodies remind us to channel what used to be good through plushy apparel and comfort food-for-thought. What initially started as a way to pass the time under the heat of COVID-19 developed into a full-time operation, expertly driven by childhood besties Katelyn Gerstenschlager and Delaney Mountford. Officially launched in July of 2020, this women-owned lifestyle brand soared over the $1M mark in their first year of business, proving that hard work pays off. The duo invested their well-earned savings into Hangover Hoodies to nurture a newfound craving for nostalgic peace of mind, something we all felt during the isolation periods of the pandemic. Hangover Hoodies excel in top-shelf apparel at competitive pricing that speaks to a free-spirited demographic shaped by big fun with little regret. Their ultra-soft threads stand loud and proud with honest phrases and visuals that keep you cozy on the next adventure, and as you lace up your sneakers for the day’s debauchery, leave the chit chat at the door and let your hoodie do the talking.

5. Wax On Fire

Based in Massachusetts, Wax On Fire deals in heavenly home goods that illuminate any room. With a product line ranging from vegan, soy-poured, non-toxic candles and wax melts to handcrafted linen spray and match jars, your personal space is about to become that much brighter. On Etsy, Wax On Fire enjoys a loyal following and a Star Seller status, ensuring their clientele receives the best product in a reasonable timeframe. The candles themselves are playfully direct, with names like “Upgraded To A MILF” and “Everything I Touch Turns To Sold”, you know, for the realtors in your life. The eponymous Confession Candle, however, holds court above the rest. After selecting your preferred scent, customers are encouraged to customize their candle with notes and words of affirmation (or refutation), which will slowly appear as the wick burns bright. It’s a perfect surprise for yourself or for the unsuspecting, igniting honesty & beauty in a ghostly white glow.

6. AXO Nutrition

The secret to a successful workout is how you start and finish your sets, whether that’s mountain biking, jogging, bouldering, or anything else that keeps you going. With AXO Nutrition, you can ease into any activity set up for success and finish with total recovery. Their naturally flavored gummies are designed to improve performance by starting you off on the right foot and rewarding the body with vital nutrients that only sustain your energy levels rather than depleting them. Unlike most performance-enhancing supplements, which normally require you to mix with water, the gummies from AXO Nutrition are quick, simple, and supply your body with the necessary vitamins for victory without adding unnecessary baggage. Do away with chalky powders and make room in your wellness cupboard for these allergen free, non-GMO, tasty treats built for your inner champion. The real workout begins at the end of your hustle, when your body needs revitalized and organic energy to build upon. Once AXO Nutrition launched in 2018, it became very clear that the gummy market was hardly tapped and needed to be wielded in the right hands in order to produce the best results. With AXO Nutrition at your side, you can become the best version of yourself without making a total mess, even if life decides to make one.

7. CasedGod

After two impactful engagements with death, Jeff Hooten, the creative behind CasedGod, decided to turn his tender revelation into artistic service, showing others how they can see the world through a different lens. Like the rolling plains of his Oklahoma roots, Hooten leads with his heart, allowing his dynamic photography to tell its own story and display life in its unfiltered state. Beginning in September of 2020, CasedGod was born out of necessity and gave Hooten a creative outlet to express his new chapter after overcoming addiction. His work occupies a range of subject matter, from portraits and landscapes to animations and video content. Notably, however, Hooten made waves in the cannabis market, capturing celestial still images of the herb in its various stages, from bud to bloom and all of the skeletal parts in between. He was recognized as the Top Cannabis Photographer of 2021 in Oklahoma, as detailed in Herbage Magazine, and served as the Chief Marketing Officer for 1440 Processing, producing content for the Oklahoma market. He now works for the premiere cultivator in the state of Oklahoma, winning the High Times award of 2021. Unlike other photographers (and, really, most creatives), Hooten promises a quick turnaround with photo content, ensuring a 24-hour window for clients eager to praise the final product. Through elevated community and an admirable sense of self-made success, Hooten is riding a wave of limitless capability, letting his camera lens lead the way.

8. Roze Los Angeles

Beginning in May of 2015, the streetwear brand, Roze Los Angeles, is instantly recognizable by their unconventional executions of pop culture and bratty taglines woven into their pieces, which employ artful designs and expressions of truth on quality fabrics. The origins of Roze Los Angeles reflect the classic artist quest––if you can’t find what you’re looking for, make it yourself. Bradley Gilkerson, founder of the apparel line, sought real authenticity back in high school after uncovering limited choices in self-expression. The brand enjoyed steady local growth, and after supplying his classmates with original pieces, Roze Los Angeles began dressing the likes of Cole Sprouse, David Dobrik, and Anfernee Simons. Like the rose itself, the growth and design of Roze Los Angeles clicks comfortably with the archetype of a garden flower, blooming on its own time, slow to disrupt but quick to charm any and all who pay attention. The ones who have paid attention already count themselves among the scenery, with notable voices like Hypebeast shedding a light on this creative fashion outlet. Recently, the brand introduced an NFT hoodie, where users can scan a V-code on the garment to read its ownership history, interweaving our communities like a twisted vine. The movement that Roze Los Angeles has created will sprout across the globe, giving everybody a piece of the petal to wear with inventive purpose.

9. Be Strong


Launching in 2014, the Moore family, alongside their team of dedicated professionals, have led the discussion on common obstacles that affect the youth of today, like bullying, depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. But truly, the story of Be Strong began years before, when the Moores found themselves knee deep in tepid waters, as their son faced life-altering harassment at school. Determined to provide reliable resources for other children that experience insurmountable struggles, Be Strong was introduced as one possible answer to an array of problems. Our world is becoming more and more obsolete, and as we try to navigate new ways of thinking in our communities, we must also address the elephant in the room. Mental health is an area increasingly exposed for what it is, and charities such as Be Strong are making the moves to support a demographic that’s historically silenced or ignored in this regard. According to their website, 66% of young people won’t confide in adults about their struggles, but they will open up to fellow students. With this in mind, Be Strong fosters a peer-led approach – supported by the free and anonymous Be Strong App – to strengthen mental, emotional, and relational health, allowing young people to find solace with their peers, immediate help, and ongoing resources. Online, Be Strong is actively including mental health in everyday conversation, showing today’s youth that it’s ok to be wherever you are, and there are people willing and able to actively listen and provide help. Follow the journey on all social platforms @bestrongglobal or donate at https://bestrong.global/donate/.

10. Fresh Society

Fresh Society is a consignment fashion retailer with two locations serving California and one in the Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall. The team behind Fresh Society focuses on brand new dead stock apparel from household names like Supreme, Yeezy’s, ASSC, and Pink Dolphin, making sure the quality far exceeds the cost. The bulk of Fresh Society deals in creative streetwear and upscale loungewear, but the variety of their inventory is unmatched and sure to catch the eyes of anyone passing by. In addition to garments and textiles, Fresh Society also supplies backpacks, hats, face masks, shoes, and jewelry. Perhaps the strongest feature of Fresh Society is their position as both a retail space and a seller’s marketplace. The company accepts virginal fashion pieces and dead stock items at a ‘Name Your Price’ counter, where the seller and retailer come to an agreement on the quality and monetary value of a particular product. This unique model puts the power in the consumer’s hand, in which top-shelf labels are carried and quality is out at the forefront. Fresh Society is no stranger to style, and even if the nuances of streetwear change, the vibes are guaranteed to be fresh no matter what.

Written in partnership with Ascend