Haute Living Miami Ambassador Radmila Lolly On The Return Of New York Fashion Week

There’s no doubt that New York Fashion Week returned in full force this year, marking the beginning of a fun fashion season ahead with other fashion capitals like Milan and Paris to follow. Haute Living ambassador Radmila Lolly visited the city during fashion enthusiast’s favorite week in Manhattan: New York Fashion Week. Not only has Lolly dressed various notable celebrities in her own fashion designs, but the week also gives her major inspiration for her fashion line, Eltara Casata. From the runways and effortlessly chic street style to exclusive events and parties, Lolly left New York more inspired than ever. 

Radmila Lolly Fashion Week

Haute Living sat down with Lolly to hear more about her time at New York Fashion Week, the Spring/Summer 2022 trends she is most excited about, and her must-visit spots in Manhattan.

HAUTE LIVING: How was the energy being back in New York for fashion week?
RADMILA LOLLY: The energy felt special; it was great to be back during fashion week. It was good to see the city [returning] to normal again, especially after the pandemic and all that the city went through.

HL: What were some of your favorite shows?
RL: Some of my favorites shows were Naeem Khan and LaQuan Smith. I loved all the glam, and those are looks I would wear without a doubt.

HL: What are some trends you saw on the runways you are most excited about for Spring/Summer?
Honestly, a lot of new emerging designers like Private Policy—[they] have amazing designs, and [pay] great attention to detail.

HL: What shows are you most looking forward to seeing as Milan and Paris debut their runway shows?
I love all of the Couture Houses—they represent edginess, elegance, sexiness, and glamour. Some of my favorites are Moschino, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta and Fendi.

HL: What are your must-visit spots in NY? 
My new favorite spot is Casa Cipriani. I’m a member and stayed there during fashion week, it’s so convenient because it’s a hotel, has a restaurant, a beautiful jazz lounge, and it’s the new ‘IT’ place to be. So, it was perfect for fashion week because a lot of activities were happening there. I love it there.

Radmila Lolly Fashion Week

 HL: For your own fashion line, Eltara Casata, what season are you currently designing?
I’m working on my new “Diva collection” that corresponds with my upcoming novel and album. Expect a lot of glam and fun pieces.