Sensory Experiences Come Homebound With Emerging Italian Brand Locherber Milano

Photo Credit: Locherber Milano

When developing a luxurious atmosphere, one must always keep in mind a deep appeal to the five senses. Tapping into humanity’s built-in sensory features turns what could simply be just another room instead of into an extraordinary and immersive experience. Enter Locherber Milano, an Italian home fragrance brand seeking to bring exquisite aromas straight into its customers’ homes, for an elevated air of exclusivity and sophistication.

By turning fragrance into a design object, Locherber Milano looks to constantly push the boundaries on how scents should be integrated into the home. In its journey to create harmony throughout the senses, the company taps into exceptionally sourced ingredients to craft its memory-evoking fragrances. The Bourbon Vanilla, inspired by Madagascar, features orchid, cocoa, and vanilla notes reminiscent of the tropical isle. Locherber Milano’s Rhubarbe Royale fragrance likewise takes life using rhubarb, jasmine, cedarwood, and white musk to transport bystanders all the way to China in just a simple, delicate whiff.

Founded by the highly respected Cosval Group, Locherber Milano dives deeply into its parent company’s Swiss precision and Italian heritage to create these premium products. Completely owned and operated by the Baerlocher family, and now headed by Stefano and Brigitte Baerlocher, the dynasty ensures complete attention to detail and unparalleled craftsmanship in every bottle of fragrance offered thanks to the family’s hands-on approach.

This commitment to excellence is apparent from the first look at the fragrances’ packaging, which features hand-painted glass bottles and an excellent choice of patented lids made from different types of woods and marbles from around the world, such as White or Green Onyx, Briccola wood (recycled from the sea-poles in Venice used for boat navigation) or Banksia from Australia.

Through pushing innovative design boundaries and offering exquisite fragrances, Locherber Milano has reached resounding success, expanding beyond its Milan flagship with a new boutique in Rome. To get in on the indulgent experience, visit one of Locherber Milano’s brick-and-mortar stores or onto its website to begin turning your home into aromatic heaven.

Written In Partnership With Thomas Herd