Why Liquid Avatar’s Digital Wallets Are The Future Of Venue Access

Photo Credit: Liquid Avatar
With the rise of digital wallets, it is inevitable that one day soon, we will likely be showing virtual credentials to access buildings such as office buildings and gyms. Many businesses have already adopted this new way of life, such as WeWork and Equinox. Now, patrons simply flash or scan a digital screen to gain access as they enter the premises.


The widespread popularity of digital access was certainly sped up due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Using a digital wallet is much more sanitary, being that they are primarily no contact. Digital wallets are pieces of software on your mobile device that are secured through biometrics, or various digital credentials, that can hold many types of information such as payment or identity information. Using blockchain technology to create verifiable credentials that confirm identity, testing results, and other validated informationLiquid Avatar Technologies, a Canadian digital identity platform, is already helping transform the future of the digital era.


With a digital wallet that is biometrically controlled, the risk of identity theft is lowered tremendously. Biometrics provides an unequaled level of security. Today, the Liquid Avatar Mobile App uses facial recognition to verify users, which is just one of the many forms of biometric authentication. PINs, passwords, signatures, and account numbers can be guessed or compromised, but biometric authentication is extremely hard to break through. Digital verification will also make everyone’s lives easier by reducing the possibility of forgetting things such as a driver’s license, workplace access card, or other forms of identity. Digital access capabilities are also set to be streamlined across sporting events, concerts, and other recreational activities.


As digital wallets continue to gain popularity across the globe, Liquid Avatar’s biometrically controlled digital wallet has the ability to completely revolutionize the global e-commerce marketplace. From payment methods to identity verification to workplace and recreational access, these digital wallets are the way of the future, and the world is set to completely transition to them sooner than one might realize. Visit Liquid Avatar or check out their Instagram to learn more about the future of global commerce and create your very own digital identity.
Written In Partnership With Thomas Herd