How David Yerushalmi Is Becoming The Premier Choice For Personal Injury Law In LA

Photo Credit: David YerushalmiInjury attorneys have been around since the inception of the legal system, many such injury attorneys often have a specific field that they focus on. With new technological innovation, it is inevitable for there to be accidents along the way. Personal injury attorneys who specialize in carshare accidents are a great example, they would never have this specialty if not for massive companies like Uber and Lyft.

With the meteoric rise of social media, many individuals have started to capitalize on their large following on numerous platforms by getting paid to endorse various brands. But what can social media influencers do if they have been injured and cannot perform such brand endorsements that they count on for income? David Yerushalmi is an injury attorney who specializes in car accidents and every other type of injury but the most unique aspect of his work is his focus on helping social media influencers recover damages by showing lost income from their sponsors. David is tangibly showing how influencers can prove lost income from a personal injury with the methodology that produces some of the largest verdicts and settlements for similar cases anywhere in the country.

David showcases his services via platforms like Instagram, merchandise, as well as social media engagement. His law firm has gained immense recognition for a unique and entertaining take on injury law by creating a collection of merchandise that includes apparel that says, “Call my lawyer”, as an intriguing way to show the efficacy of his services to the younger generation and those in the social media world. David’s fun approach to advertising his services is leaving older and traditional injury attorneys in the dust, as they are not in tune with components of social media that are integral in getting their clients the maximum settlement offer they deserve. David has already exceeded $3 million in business in the last year, he currently has around 100 cases that are sure to add to his already impressive numbers. David attributes a large portion of his success to his uncanny ability to connect with people on a personal level, rather than just a professional setting.

David says that interacting with people from different backgrounds has been crucial in helping him understand and empathize with each of his client’s unique stories, his ability to relate to every type of person has been an integral reason for gaining the trust of his clients. After fully understanding every angle of his client’s story, David is able to present this story to the insurance company and demonstrate how a jury would see the case as more than just a broken arm or leg, but that the individual’s life has been tremendously affected beyond just their injury.

Social media will continue to rise in popularity and be a source of income for more and more people from the younger generation, David Yerushalmi separates his firm from its competitors in the Los Angeles area by showing that his cutting-edge approach to obtaining large settlements for social media influencers, such settlements that were previously unheard of with the older generation.

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Written In Partnership With Thomas Herd