Real Estate Expert Marc Menowitz On The Mindset Needed To Overcome Difficult Times

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Photo Credit: Marc Menowitz

The world of business can be stressful no matter what industry you work within. With money on the line and overheads always looming, the business of making money can be difficult. According to real estate expert Marc Menowitz, overcoming these difficult times is all about your mindset. Menowitz advises that you can prepare yourself for difficult times by having the right mindset.

According to Marc Menowitz, every person who is successful in their industry has spent time working on their mindset. Your mindset is your protection against self-doubt and insecurities that could keep you from being your best self. Menowitz believes that the mindset needed to overcome difficult times, whether in business or personal life, is one of resilience. Resilience is your greatest ally in surviving challenges. Menowitz shares that he truly learned the power of mindset when he was introduced to the concept of resilience theory, the idea that a person can make themselves emotionally robust and stay protected against the negative effects of difficult situations by mapping out their resilience. This mapping, Menowitz explains, involves a person writing down the coping methods that they can use when they are struggling. The map you create will be personal to you and can involve simple, actionable steps such as treating yourself to a nice cup of coffee or allocating time to nurture a hobby or a pastime that relaxes you. Cultivating your resilience is the simplest way to adopt the mindset that can help you be at your best. He expands on this by saying, “Imagine your mind as a car and your mindset as the road that your car needs to drive on, and then dedicate yourself to keeping that road clear and removing any obstructions when they appear.”

Marc Menowitz is part of a renowned real estate legacy. His family has decades of experience in the world of real estate investment, development, and management. The Menowitz family has owned and managed residential and commercial properties across America for many years. Marc is the current CEO of ApartmentCorp, which is now a fourth-generation company based in LA. Of how he has managed to maintain his mindset when striving to succeed in the industry, Menowitz says, “If I ever face any doubts, I remind myself that I alone control the power of my resilience, and it will always be there to protect me.”

We will all face difficult times in life, times that threaten to disrupt the success we have achieved. But Marc Menowitz believes that with the right mindset, a person can overcome anything.