Meet The Elon Musk Of Boats

Written In Partnership With Vision Marine Technologies

Photo Credit: Vision Marine Technologies

When Canadian visionary Alex Mongeon announced nearly a decade ago that he would create an electric engine for boats, boaters laughed at him. Now Mongeon is getting the last laugh. His company is electrifying waterways worldwide.

Photo Credit: Vision Marine Technologies

Mongeon’s company, Vision Marine Technologies, has just launched an electric engine that veteran boaters and those new to the leisure activity are lining up to purchase. Meet the E-Motion 180 E outboard. Created with the next generation in mind, the technology significantly reduces the boater’s carbon footprint without compromising the experience. They are taking orders now from industry OEMs. The high-tech outboard joins their exemplary lineup of luxury electric inboard motor boats including the stunning, and powerful, Bruce 22.

Mongeon made the shift to electric outboard engines as the demand for customization and sustainability has increased. Consumers can install the outboard E-Motion 180E Electric Outboard Motor to any boat and the motor lasts eight to ten times as long as your typical motor. Since 70 percent fewer moving parts comprise the engine, it requires 90-percent less maintenance.

“People are giving us a huge thumbs up,” Mongeon says in a phone interview. “New buyers of boats are people who have an electric car, they’re looking to have fun and make a difference in the environment. It’s a smart move for the family.”

Photo Credit: Vision Marine Technologies

Vision Marine Technologies’ product is also a smart move for the environment. In the early 2000s, 8 million speedboats produced 15 times more pollutants in North American than the notorious Exxon Valdez oil spill. Twenty years later, the issue has gotten much worse.

Mongeon is disrupting both business and the environment for the better. From Vision Marine Technology’s factory floor in Quebec, he speaks about why the boating industry was due for disruption, how green is good for business, and what he learned about entrepreneurship by selling ice cream.

Photo Credit: Vision Marine Technologies

How is Vision Marine disrupting the boating industry?

By offering the most powerful electric, outdoor engine on the market. It’s truly electric. I’m in my factory as we speak, and I’m looking at the boats every day. I’m very excited to bring this option to boaters who are craving the extra power that electric brings and the added benefits of less noise and less pollution.

What was the inspiration for the product?

At some point, we said, “There’s a need, and there’s a demand.” It was smart to go that route and offer the entire community of boaters something greener for the better future of the planet. Any boat that is using an outdoor motor can use the E-Motion motor. It can be a single motor, mount, or double mount, no problem. Honda, Mitsubishi, you name it—our system can be used on it. 

Is this a game-changer for the boating consumer?

It’s a game-changer, and it’s not only a game-changer that will just benefit the actual boaters. The market for the boating industry will get a new type of customer. Some people were interested in buying a boat but never did because it was not making sense to destroy the waterway. There is a new segment of the water that’s will be created. We’re also going to attract other boaters who are looking for something cleaner, silent, and with less maintenance. 

Is this also a game-changer for the environment? 

You’re burning a hundred gallons of fuel with one day of boating. That exhaust moves all of those fumes into the waterway. We don’t have that exhaust. Many people don’t realize that noise is also pollution. You’re releasing two types of pollution when on an ICE boat: noise and the exhaust. These are the powerful selling points of the product. 

Photo Credit: Vision Marine Technologies

How can entrepreneurs fix climate problems?

Consumers understand they are saving gas by using our system, and the movement is getting bigger and bigger year by year. The city of Montreal had three electric boats to start, they now have over 20 boats to run around the city of Montreal. If every entrepreneur takes a few steps forward into green technology and getting the planet greener, it will make a huge difference…

What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. I was selling ice cream when I was 18. I like being surrounded by smart people where we can learn from each other. I’m on a mission to change the boating industry. The reward is people giving me the thumbs up on the project that we were building. 

I’ve always liked racing boats, and I’m an electrician by trade. I’ve never worked as an electrician because I was doing construction projects for the past 25 years. I used my knowledge to create something that could help people have a better, happier life. The lifestyle of clean boating with family and friends is priceless.