From Combat Boots To Copyright: Influencer Ava Bamby Fights For Fellow Content Creators

Photo Credit: Ava Bamby

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Ava Bamby is on the frontline fighting against copyright infringement of digital content. Content creators have been left at the hands of unforgiving infringers who share their content without permission as they do not think there are any consequences. She has dedicated herself to change these practices as they are illegal and emotionally painful to the creators.

Ava Bamby is a young entrepreneur and digital content creator with a massive social media presence of over 1.5 million followers on TikTok and Instagram. She is a qualified Emergency Medical Technician, a public safety diver, and a licensed pilot. She takes pride in being a lifelong learner and having mastered seven different languages — English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Bulgarian, and German.

Ava Bamby is a graduate with Honors from a strict military college where she was at the top of her class. She found her way into the content creation world after walking away from her career as a government worker and a military officer. She, however, had to pay tens of thousands of dollars spent on her scholarship as a result of her withdrawal.

By combining her interest in cosplay, acting, and dance, Ava was able to kickstart her content creation career. She took the internet by storm with her unique ability to add a plot twist in all her videos, growing her fan base to a million followers within 30 days. She is now fully focused on content creation and loves spending hours planning, storyboarding, filming, and editing her videos to create unique content for her audience. Her primary focus is to create original photos and videos for multiple platforms to entertain her fanbase.

Copyright infringement has been a major blow not only to her but to all content creators. She has taken it upon herself to lead the fight against copyright infringement. This has resulted in Ava starting a company and embracing technologies that will take the issue of copyright infringement seriously. A lot of her content creator friends are also victims of the illegal content distribution that occurs almost every day.

The proprietary technology used by her company will help take down digital copyright infringement and personal information leaks and track the violators by identifying the source of the leak. Law enforcement from around the world also plays a role in this fight. Ava Bamby is partnering with law enforcement forces to take criminal action against violators. Her fight also includes pushing for government policy changes to promote original content creation and protect the digital space against copyright infringements.

According to Ava Bamby, the existing Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) companies are doing very little in the fight against content violations. They only focus on highlighting the cases but aren’t holding the violators accountable. Ava believes that it is the content creators who have to join hands and fight copyright infringement by advocating for severe consequences for violators. As a content creator

She urges her fellow content creators to continue entertaining their audience and focus more on the fanbase as they are more critical. Haters have no value and will continue to exist. But by focusing on the fan base, content creators can continue to innovate and grow.

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