An Exclusive Interview With Leading Artist Yuliia Korienkova

Photo Credit: Yuliia Korienkova

What is the significance of technique, work, and technology in art? This is generally an unpleasant question for the pioneers, especially those who are too well aware of the roots of art, technique, and most importantly, the difficulty involved in the process. On the contrary, the question may not necessarily be annoying for an artist who has, at all times, done whatever work has seemed essential with whatever technologies and techniques have been available. Such is the background of the leading Abu Dhabi-based artist, Yuliia Korienkova, who is working on robotic art as a result of getting inspired by the technological progress of Artificial Intelligence.

Robots, for the longest, have been looked upon as tools of artistic expression, believes Korienkova. Similar to other artists, she wants her creations and overall work to promote discussions, innovations, and ideas. Surrounded by her artwork at her art gallery in Vienna, Austria, Korienkova looks out at her works of art. “It is my aim to let people know that our times are different, powerful, and bright,” she says. Through her art, Korienkova desires to establish a strong statement of innovative contemporary art and initiate an air of patronage towards other artists with a similar philosophy.

Thanks to the Ukrainian native’s creations, her competitors, family members, and industry friends fondly call her the modern-day robotic artist, and her technologically-backed invention rightly blurs the boundary between artist and the machine; a sight of the future that’s suddenly become a part of the present.

For Korienkova, the end goal remains to be creative and passionate about art – something that she’s learning to ace day after day since the age of 3. But the main turning point came in her life when the young artist enrolled for a course in engineering and philosophy in Switzerland and Germany and ended up quitting the field of art. It was only after she moved to Abu Dhabi that she decided to chase her interests and get back to making art and conducting shows, workshops, and exhibitions. Her contributions and feats do not end at this, in fact, the young artist has managed to earn a repute for her works in the Middle East and Europe, where she’s celebrated by one and all.

Speaking on her journey, Korienkova adds, “There’s a potential for technology to help us create a new sort of art. It’s just as exciting as when the professional cameras came into being. If I’m able to bring even the slightest amount of change or inspire others to do so, I’ll consider it as an achievement towards making our future a little better, brighter, and exciting!”