How To Get In Shape Like A Supermodel: Advice From Danish Beauty Nina Agdal

Nina AgdalPhoto Credit: Nina Agdal for bubly bounce.

Nina Agdal has a brand new business venture. The Danish supermodel and fitness entrepreneur has partnered with bubly sparkling water to help launch bubly bounce – a new sparkling water with no calories, sweeteners, or artificial flavors and just a kick of caffeine. We caught up with the Sports Illustrated cover star to talk fitness, wellness and how she’s managed to feel healthier than ever (no mean feat, especially these days!).
Nina AgdalPhoto Credit: Nina Agdal for bubly bounce.

What made you interested in partnering with bubly bounce? How does it fit into your lifestyle?

I was excited about this partnership because I really enjoy drinking bubly bounce. On top of that, it’s a truly delicious sparkling water with no calories, sweeteners, or artificial flavors with the same amount of caffeine as a soda for that little kick. I’ve found that it’s a great option when I want a little more from my sparkling water. Since I’m always on the go this is the perfect grab and go choice.

Tell us about the bubly bounce playlist – what inspired you to help with this and how do you use it?

I know it’s hard to stay motivated – pandemic fatigue is real – so I created the bubly bounce playlist as part of this partnership. I’ve been throwing it on to get me going! The playlist includes songs from my own personal workout mix and other mood-boosting favorites. I’m always trying to find new ways to refresh, especially these days, and I have found that having a pumped-up playlist helps tremendously.

How can your fans enter to win the ultimate bubly bounce wellness experience – a one-on-one virtual workout with you? What can contest winners expect if they win a one-on-one workout with you?

As a part of this partnership, I’m really excited to be giving fans a chance to win a one-on-one virtual workout with me! There are also some other awesome prizes including a Mirror fitness system. All fans have to do is scan the unique QR code on any purchased bubly bounce and they’ll be directed to a site with my playlist and the entry form. The workout is going to be customized to the winner so he or she can get the most out of it and have a great time while doing it! I’m excited!

What specific workouts or moves do you do to stay active these days?

I love mixing it up between cardio routines and bodyweight focused flows. Now that the weather is getting nicer I have been LOVING going for outdoor interval jogs/runs. The mental impacts of running is what I love the most. When I’m not running, I do 25-40 minute flows using my own bodyweight or I’ll add a set of ankle weights for a good burn. Any exercise that focuses on engaging muscles and reconnecting with breathing is my favorite.

Nina AgdalPhoto Credit: Nina Agdal for bubly bounce.

What are some of your beauty hacks for Zoom meetings?

Good lighting is EVERYTHING! Find a spot in front of a window but not with direct sunlight hitting your face. This instantly brightens up your skin and works as a filter to smoothen out your skin. Also adding a little bit of mascara and a fun lip color can elevate your look in seconds even though you might be wearing sweatpants, but no one needs to know that, right?

Has it been tough to stay swimsuit ready during this time? How did you combat that? What’s your food weakness?

I don’t diet or have any restrictions when it comes to food. I believe in intuitive eating so if I’m craving something that people might label as “bad” I let myself enjoy it without a delayed guilt trip. The guilt trip is the “bad” part, not the food itself. It’s truly a balance to find a healthy eating pattern and it has taken me years to find mine. I believe in lifestyle changes, not diets or torturous workout regimens. You want to find and do something you enjoy and that you can keep up with that leaves you feeling good. Finding enjoyable workouts and appreciating wholesome delicious foods are the first steps towards the type of lifestyle that The Agdal Method is all about.

What do you want more than anything in the world right now?

I would love nothing more than to be able to go see my family back in Denmark. I haven’t seen them since February of 2020 and I miss them all so much. I just want to hug them all, especially my little nephew who is growing like crazy. It’s sad I’m missing out on these milestones right now but I’m just looking forward to when the world is a safer place to go there and catch up on all the time we missed.

What to you is the greatest luxury in life and why?

This past year has really put things into perspective for me. I’ve always felt grateful, but I truly cherish the simple things like waking up with a roof over my head, not going to bed hungry and my small but trusted network of friends and family who are incredible and supportive. These little things are the greatest luxuries life has to offer. I will never ever take any of that for granted again!


To enter the bubly bounce contest: Purchase and scan the unique QR code on any bubly bounce packaging. Unlock online access to Nina’s bubly bounce playlist and the contest link. Click and enter for a chance to win prizes including a personal virtual workout experience hosted by Nina Agdal.