David Roberts, The Athlete Torn Between Motor Racing And MMA Fighting

Written in partnership with Ascend

Photo Credit: David Roberts

No one can predict the future, but one thing is for sure; everyone needs some kind of struggle or hardship in their lives to fully grow as a person. Often, the most significant factor that drives an individual to pursue two different career paths at the same time is the need to make a living wage. For others, the desire to get the best out of themselves is the main thing that drives people to pursue multiple careers at the same time, and David Roberts is a perfect example of such a person. He is living proof that resilience, hard work, and strong willpower are crucial to achieving one’s goals.

David’s name has become well-known amongst sports enthusiasts as a champion in both motor racing and mixed martial arts (MMA). David’s love for MMA developed after he reached a point in his racing career where he could not fully involve himself in the sport as much as he wanted. He was obsessed with maintaining his strength and physical health, and he found that fighting helped him tremendously in this regard.

Through his hard work, resilience, and determination, David has enjoyed a great start to both his boxing and MMA career. After taking part in four professional MMA fights and three boxing matches, he currently remains undefeated. David did remarkably well in his racing career, especially after posting a video of his stunt driving skills on YouTube in 2015. In the years since, he has claimed victory in several racing events, including the 2016 Radical Cup, the 2018 Pirelli World Challenge while driving in the GT3 class for Audi, and the 2019 24-Hour Series while driving in the GT3 class for Porsche. David continues to showcase his driving skills on his YouTube channel DRMBROTHERS.

David has achieved astonishing success as both a professional fighter and a professional racing driver. David sees himself as a dominant force in the sporting world in general. His main goal at this point in his career is to achieve the ultimate example of martial arts glory, in the form of a black belt from Gokor Chivichyan, the legendary martial arts instructor. He also wants to continue racing and stunt driving as a means of gaining even more exposure. Even though his fighting career is taking off, David still spends a large amount of time producing content for his YouTube channel. He reasons that any exposure he can gain via YouTube will help him further develop his unique personal brand and ultimately help his career overall.

Indeed, David’s drive to be the best he can be is what gives him the ability to pursue two careers simultaneously and achieve success in both of them. He is inspiring other individuals to follow their hearts, to take part in the activities they are passionate about, and to never be scared of trying new things. Most importantly, David demonstrates that mental strength and commitment are the keys to unlocking one’s full potential.