Valentino Beauty Pure Is Not Just A Nail Care Retailer

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Valentino Beauty PurePhoto Credit: Valentino Beauty Pure Pictured: @annailco

Why you need to commit the name Valentino Beauty Pure to memory—especially if you are a rising nail technician hoping to explode your business.

Have you followed Valentino Beauty Pure on Instagram yet? No? Well, what are you waiting for! Remember the days of dizzying fumes from nail dust in full-service salons? Well, the creator of Valentino Beauty Pure, along with his father, created the first “Source Capture System,” which helped remedy that nasty problem. David DiLorenzo, the man behind the internationally acclaimed company, created Valentino Beauty Pure to help unrecognized nail technicians find their best level of success through his instruction and products. With nearly 575,000 Instagram followers, the e-commerce business offers cutting edge products like gel polish, nail equipment, accessories, tools, and more. From the West Palm Beach, Florida showroom and training center to the colorful and easy-to-navigate website, Valentino Beauty Pure takes great pride in making your experience blissful. More than a brand, Valentino Beauty Pure is a lifestyle and one you will soon learn you want to be on board with!

The bright, colorful showroom is a rich aesthetic that appeals to the most tasteful clients. The friendly staff is approachable and helpful, even offering rest in one of the luxurious massage chairs. The shelves are stocked with world-class powders, primers, basecoats, topcoats, and polishes, all in classy, elegant packaging. Enjoy browsing products with names like “Bad N Boujee,” Butterlicious,” and “Excite Me.” Yes, please! The products are not only made of the highest-quality raw ingredients but hand-selected by CEO DiLorenzo himself. Besides all that, they are good old-fashioned fun rolling off the tongue.

The Valentino Beauty Pure Training Studio offers further education for nail technicians wishing to craft their skills. Some videos include how to do a classy nude set, rich ombre, or flaking leaves, all taught by world-class instructors. The Valentino Beauty Pure experts perform proper foundation on a nail, creating the elegant white sculpted almond and other advanced artistry.

DiLorenzo’s mission is to better the working (and sometimes personal) lives of others, a dream that stems from his childhood in the salons his father ran. “I have been in salons all my life,” DiLorenzo says. He further explains, “When I got older, I wanted to carve out a niche for myself helping others in the industry in a fresh way.” DiLorenzo says that nail technicians, at least all of the ones he has met, work ten times harder than most professionals, get paid less than they’re worth in many cases, and are often under-recognized. Therefore, DiLorenzo made a place for technicians to collaborate, network, and get their hands on high-quality nail products and equipment. Instagram was just the door to allow entrance into the lives of hundreds of thousands of eager technicians.

Valentino Beauty PurePhoto Credit: Valentino Beauty Pure

Through the company’s Instagram, the 574,000 followers have created a community to share comments, suggestions, and get their questions answered. Additionally, they can showcase their skills and new designs. DiLorenzo adds a personal touch with posts that encourage technicians and budding entrepreneurs to stay the course, never give up, and have fun. “I love connecting with our followers, which is why our company is different than most. It’s the connection that binds us together, the common goal of having fun with art and business.” Through Instagram, along with the website, DiLorenzo has helped others expand their businesses, too.

The website is clean, uncluttered, and packed with fun, practical, and edgy products. There are often specials, access to tutorial videos, and a range of products that appeal to anyone. With collections, kits, bundle deals, luxury salon furniture, gift certificates, nail tools, and accessories, Valentino Beauty Pure is truly the definitive guide for nail technicians worldwide. Aside from the comprehensive content on the site, there is a contact page for additional questions.

DiLorenzo has plans to implement a new education platform shortly and has some exciting surprises up his sleeve. Stay tuned in 2021 to see what other flashy, must-have items are coming down the pike.

To learn more about David DiLorenzo and Valentino Beauty Pure, follow his personal and Valentino Beauty Pure Instagram accounts, as well as the website.