Philippe Vasilescu Announces His Transition To Managing Partner At CellArt

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Philippe Vasilescu is the new Managing Partner for the US and the Caribbean at the exclusive bespoke wine spaces design and manufacture company, CellArt. The move comes after 10 years of experience in fine wine and spirits and public relations with collaboration with prestigious brands such as Piaget, Baccarat, Greubel & Forsey; fine dining & hospitality groups such as Cipriani, Wolfgang Puck, TAO Group, LDV hospitality; and renowned international luxury hotels and resorts groups such as the St Regis, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Peninsula Hotels, and SH Group. Most recently, he worked for Remy Cointreau USA where, for over 5 years, he was the Brand Ambassador for LOUIS XIII Cognac in the Northeast. Throughout his career, he has hosted over 500 exclusive events and worked in 7 different countries and is now bringing his vast knowledge to CellArt. This new position as Managing Partner is a merging of worlds for Philippe, and “combines his passions for fine wine and art, his network, and his past experiences into one position.”

“2020 and the worldwide pandemic opened my eyes to the growing demand for trusted and curated services and experiences for collectors, investors, and aficionados all over the world,” he says. “I am honored to join the visionary team at CellArt who have refined and reimagined the world of wine through their creations of extraordinary wine spaces, unprecedented art pieces, and wine objects!”

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His move to a new company also entails a move to a new city – Miami, FL. Philippe is bringing his talents to the Sunshine State which he considers the perfect place to establish his home base. “I have been planning this move to Miami for years. So many of my close friends and clients have moved here and it made me realize the importance of the city.” Having previously been based out of New York, Philippe feels that Miami is a more centralized location where he can still easily reach the entire East Coast, but also be within a short plane ride of the Caribbean and South America. He also cites the innovation, high real estate development, and recent boom of high net-worth individuals moving to the city as his reasons for Miami being the perfect place for him to represent CellArt.

Haute Living and Philippe have had a long-standing partnership, which is why he chose to officially announce his new position at CellArt with us. “Haute Living and I are long-time partners,” he says. “And due to the long term relationship I have with Kamal [Hotchandani] and Seth [Semilof] and after so many years of collaboration, I wanted to officialize my announcement as new Managing Partner at CellArt with Haute Living first.”

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CellArt is a luxury design company for wine cellars and wine-inspired pieces for the finer individuals. Self-described as the “wine enthusiasts’ ultimate playground”, the company creates extraordinary wine spaces, art pieces, and wine objects. CellArt encourages its customers to dream big when it comes to their wine collection and they will be sure to bring that dream into reality. With Philippe onboard, that vision becomes even truer and with his expertise and vision, the company will continue to break ground and maintain a level of trust with their customers in the future.

“How far can we go? How serious can you dream? This is how it always starts at CellArt,” says Philippe Vasilescu.

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Photo Credit: CellArt