Jairo Escobar: Representing Latinos In The YouTube World

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Jairo EscobarPhoto Credit: Jairo Escobar

YouTube star Jairo Escobar shares some of his secrets to making it big.

Jairo Escobar is the most subscribed Latino to operate out of Toronto – as a YouTuber, that is. He has almost a decade of experience in the internet video game world, with plenty of background in comedy and media films. 

When Jairo Escobar first started as a YouTuber in Canada, he paved the way for a whole generation of Latino YouTubers to come after him. Nowadays, he has risen to be the Godfather of Toronto-based Latino YouTube sensations. 

The journey began in the early 2010s when Jairo developed an interest in YouTube video creation. As a young man, he was a D3 professional ranked paintball player in Venezuela. Later, when he moved to Canada circa 2017, young Jairo could carve out a niche career for himself as a YouTube star. He did make a brief appearance in 2020 in preparation to play pro paintball in 2021 at the championships – but the way the pandemic is spreading, it remains to be seen whether the titles held by the Ontario Paintball League will go ahead.

The First Latino Media Agency Based in Toronto

Jairo Escobar created the first-ever Latino-led media firm to be based in Toronto. He saw that he had an opportunity that other people hadn’t been given, and he wanted to pass that on to others. To do so, he set up his media agency with the intention of giving other young Latinos living in Canada the chance to shine.

What advice does Jairo have for those who wish to follow in his footsteps? It’s simple. If you want to be good at something, you have to do it over and over again. Making one video a day will see you grow infinitely better in a single year than making a single movie every year. Practicing your comedy routines, learning what’s funny and what isn’t, testing scripts on your family and friends – being a YouTube sensation is a 24-hour a day role.

But it’s one that Jairo Escobar handles wonderfully. 

Conquering Other Platforms

Rising star Jairo Escobar isn’t finished yet. He sold his Media company in November of 2019 in a calculated move that would see him free to pursue his online dreams. As a YouTube influencer with a massive 250k following, Jairo Escobar recently joined Twitter under the handle of @RealJairoEscor and has been amassing an Instagram following set to be similar in size to that which he controls on YouTube.

Jairo is encouraging those that want to walk the same path as he has. It is hard to stay humble when everything you touch turns to gold, but this is one YouTuber that seems to have staying power. Nearly four years into a high-flying career on our screens, we suspect this is a YouTuber who will grow with his audience and achieve a bright future in the influencer spheres.