Young Entrepreneur Alex Smetana Delivers Big With Social Media Marketing

Written in partnership with Ascend

Alex SmetanaPhoto Credit: Alex Smetana

Not many people achieve as much as Alex Smetana did by the time, they are 21. This young entrepreneur is a viral influencer who has helped brands skyrocket their reach and expand their brand awareness. He also runs a model and talent agency.

Alex got into social media when it was only starting to become a big deal. He has seen how saturated and different it has become over the past decade, where people can develop massive audiences with millions of followers. Alex himself has developed a 14 million follower network on Instagram that consistently sees content go viral.

Seeing how successful Alex was becoming with viral content, he decided to establish his own marketing agency that helps individuals and businesses see their reach and engagement explode. By harnessing the power of making content go viral, he has helped build the followings of numerous clients.

As an expert in digital marketing, Alex provides various social media marketing services for his clients, which help brands gain an edge over their competitors. As someone who has been a viral influencer since he was 15 years old, Alex has developed the skills and expertise needed to stay ahead in today’s saturated social media landscape. Above all else, he strives to help others grow and expand their networks.

There are two primary ways Alex helps his clients. He focuses either on social media growth or content marketing. He does his best to help clients and influencers all over the world develop their personal brands from the ground up. He also helps them break into their chosen industry or niche. Everything from monetizing social media pages to teaching his clients about converting followers to leads, Alex does what will help his clients unlock their own success.

Alex also helps his clients regularly get featured in major online publications, including FOX, Forbes, ABC, and many others. He has been leveraging the power of these prominent publications to increase the brand awareness, authority, and SEO of clients and influencers for years, and has been doing so with great success.

Helping people grow their social media clout and presence is not the only entrepreneurial endeavor Alex is involved in. He also runs a talent and model agency called Admired LLC. Partnering with another young entrepreneur named Anthony Anderson, Alex boasts of having over two million followers for his modeling agency’s Instagram page and has done so while keeping it a private page. This demonstrates just how skilled he is at increasing follower counts and doing so in unique and viral ways.

Given that Alex is only 21 years old right now, there is a lot more to come from this young entrepreneur. For now, he has his hands full with running his marketing and modeling agencies, helping individuals and businesses all over the world unlock the success that is there waiting for them.

You can follow Alex Smetana on Instagram @alex.smetana.