Aristotle Varner: Here’s How This Military Veteran Created Several 7-Figure Companies With The Right Investment Strategy

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Aristotle VarnerPhoto Credit: Aristotle Varner

Everyone knows that investing is a fantastic way to make money, especially if you have insight into the market from the right people. However, few people actually start on their journey out of fear of losing money or going down the wrong path. Aristotle Varner has made a living investing and teaching other people to follow in his footsteps, and he believes that anyone can achieve his success with the correct investment strategy.

Varner is a military veteran who made the money for his first investments from working at the base’s barbershop. He started options trading, which is when his career really took off. “I studied constantly,” he said. “Any free time I had in my bunk, I would read books about investing. I wanted to create generational wealth for my son and a hassle-free way to make money for me.” Once he started seeing extreme success in the stock market, he formed a group chat called Aristotle’s Signals and Learning to discuss investing. From there, he formed AMU University. It’s a course that will teach people who want to invest everything they need to know. “I don’t hold anything back in these courses. I really want everyone I teach to do well. I don’t keep the path to success a secret.” Because he knows some people would rather read about this information, he wrote an ebook called Aristotle’s Investing Guide. It’s sold over 70,000 copies and teaches many facets of investing, including basic terminology, options trading, and how to know if a stock is going up or down. “My stock trading success has been essential to creating these businesses. I think, if you want to make a ton of money, you need to diversify your portfolio and find simple ways to make more.”

One of the things Aristotle most recommends to business owners and investors is to pay attention to your time management skills. “Managing my businesses is important, but I won’t let it completely take over my life. My family is more important, and I won’t sacrifice spending time with them.” He also stresses that mindset is key. “You need to think positively when you start a new business. You have to be confident that there’s a market for it and that you can achieve your dreams.”

Although investing can seem complicated, experts like Aristotle Varner make it simple to understand. All you have to do is gain some pivotal knowledge and take the leap into the unknown.