Baby Shark Networks’ CEO Shomaila Niaz Lists 3 Steps To Ace Your Social Media Game In 2021

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Shomaila NiazPhoto Credit: Shomaila NiazAn authority on social media management and digital marketing, Shomaila Niaz is the founder and CEO of the international marketing agency Baby Sharks Network with experience in multiple markets including restaurants, retailers, performers, and businesses across the world. 

As we enter 2021, social media continues to be one of the best ways to grow your brand organically. But when it comes to social media management strategies, not all are created equally. A strategically managed social media page can grow your brand and increase your sales in a matter of weeks. Shomaila Niaz, the CEO, and founder of digital marketing agency Baby Shark Networks is here to share three steps that will transform your social media account from zero to hero in 2021.

Engage with Your Followers

Gone are the days when you could just post something on Instagram and then log off. According to Niaz, your job isn’t done until the post has gone cold. “You need to engage with your followers to create a relationship with them,” said Niaz. “Give them a reason to view you as a person, not just a page,” Niaz recommends liking and responding to comments and DMs. It’s crucial to show your followers that you care about what they think. Niaz says you must answer their questions and respond to their complaints. And when appropriate, make use of UGC – user-generated content. Repost ‘grams of people using your product. According to Niaz, it is free advertising that is relatable to your other followers.

Shomaila NiazPhoto Credit: Shomaila NiazMake Use of Livestream Technology

It’s no surprise why live streaming gained popularity in 2020. People were stuck at home and didn’t have another way to connect. “Don’t expect this trend to go away in 2021,” said Niaz. “Now that people are acclimated to the live stream feature on social media, they want to tune in for special broadcasts. Use live stream technology to spread the word about sales, tell personal stories, or even host virtual events.

Don’t Forget About Social Commerce

According to Niaz, many businesses prioritize social media accounts over websites. Why? Because these days, social media accounts can do almost everything that a website can do, including selling your product. “Use 2021 to sharpen your skills regarding social commerce,” said Niaz. “Create shoppable posts, or use them to direct your followers to a sales platform.” This is one social media strategy that is sure to grow your revenue in 2021.

2021 is sure to be a year unlike any we’ve ever seen. But according to Niaz, the best way to start the year is with a bold and informed social media strategy. Use these three steps to elevate your social media account like never before.