Crypto Trader Jack Skipp Shares Insights On Key Investment Vehicles For 2021

Written in partnership with DN News Desk

Jack Skipp Photo Credit: Jack Skipp It is getting more and more awkward to say, or hear the word investment, these days. Prevailing global tensions and the pandemic have made investors, even the most seasoned of them, cringe a little when they have to discuss investments in 2021. However, entrepreneur and investment expert Jack Skipp shares with us his outlook that is more than just a glimmer of hope. Here are three key investment vehicles that he suggests for 2021.


The COVID-19 episode has set the healthcare industry buzzing. “Pharmaceutical stocks are in the limelight,” says Skipp. If you want your money to grow, then put it where all the action is. The healthcare umbrella includes hospitals, medical equipment manufacturing units, protective gear manufacturing units, pharmaceuticals, medical transport service providers, insurance companies, etc. “Since most of the world’s attention is on containing the pandemic, the healthcare sector is facing a huge responsibility and a great opportunity to grow,” says Skipp.


A strong advocate of cryptocurrency and blockchain, Skipp says, “The Crypto world is, in some sense, cut off from the mainstream reality of the world. It is not governed centrally, and this gives it the autonomy to move on its own.” According to Skipp, “Decisions to invest in Cryptocurrencies don’t have to be lead by the prevailing sentiment.” The risk factor or the potential of Cryptocurrencies as an investment option has not been in any significant way.


With travel restrictions getting relaxed, the travel and tourism industry is doing everything in its power to capitalize on the pent-up demand of the market. “Travel and tourism sector that include airlines and hotels will gain the momentum that it lost in 2020.”

New Trends

Skipp’s strong advice for investors is to have their ears to the ground and listen carefully for approaching trends more than ever. “The pandemic has allowed the world to revise, correct, and improve things in a big way,” says Skipp. With new ways of thinking and working emerging rapidly, new trends are taking root in people’s lifestyles. Investing in emerging trends gives investors the early-bird advantage.

“Making these predictions is getting trickier by the day,” says Jack Skipp, “[because] the markets fluctuate at an unprecedented rate.” He is ever-cautious and recommends this approach to his followers and fellow-investors. Is there one sure-shot, foolproof way to create wealth in 2021, we ask? Quick comes the reply, “Go slow.”