Florida Yachts International On Miami’s Exploding Yacht Industry

Peer Gynt
This unique 85ft Peer Gynt is available for sale exclusively with Florida Yachts International

Photo Credit: Florida Yachts International

Over the past year, the yachting industry in Miami has exploded. From buying to chartering, the last eight months have been on fire. Led by a team of experienced brokers, Florida Yachts International has been at the forefront of the yachting extravaganza that is taking over Miami. Some may wonder – why yachting is so resilient? Well, the answer is simple. There is nothing more glamorous than sailing across Miami’s beautiful turquoise waters. Brokers at FYI Yachts have not only had a fruitful year selling yachts, but a remarkably interesting year on the inventory front. One of the newer listings obtained is an eighty-five-foot, Peer Gynt. Custom-built, this is the only yacht of its kind available in the world.

Peer Gynt 2
Living and dining area looking out onto the deck of the 85’ Peer Gynt Yacht

Photo Credit: Florida Yachts International

To showcase their exclusive listings, FYI Yachts decided to host an event called, “Sips by the Sea” at Prime Marina in Coconut Grove, Miami. Attendees got the chance to sample a variety of wines hand-selected by a sommelier as they tour the latest yacht inventory. The event took place Oct. 29, 2020, and was open to yacht enthusiasts. All of FYI Yachts’ knowledgeable yacht brokers were in attendance to display an ample mix of motor yachts, center consoles, cruisers, and sailing yachts. Aside from brokerage, Florida Yachts International has launched its very own charter program! Charters have taken off, becoming more popular than anyone could have anticipated. Led by its fleet of four Zooom yachts, FYI Charters has been putting smiles on guests’ faces while showing the beautiful sights Miami has to offer. A yacht charter with FYI truly is all about fun, and the only way to experience it is to climb aboard!

If you are interested in setting up a private appointment please email: info@fyiyachts.com

Sunseeker 3
This award-winning yacht carries true Sunseeker pedigree, seamlessly blending performance and comfort with style and sophistication

Photo Credit: Florida Yachts International