Millennial Entrepreneur Jamal Taleb Has His Hands In Numerous Companies That Are Solutions-Focused

Jamal TalebPhoto Credit: Jamal Taleb

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Jamal Taleb isn’t someone who drills into one industry. Instead, he identifies a niche that could benefit from his problem-solving skills and solutions-oriented mindset and dives right into it. One of his recent achievements is the creation of an increasingly-popular social app called BondApp. Another is the establishment of his own brokerage firm called Taleb Realty Inc. This is only the start of an impressive resume.

BondApp was an idea that formed out of seeing people struggling with depression due to being unable to socialize and connect with others in a meaningful face-to-face way. Other apps try to keep you on their app and lead to disappointments. BondApp is a location-based social app that will find other people with the same interests as you who are within 200 feet of you. This app has caught on rapidly in the Boston area and is now being used all over the Northeast. Jamal envisions seeing BondApp being used across the nation soon.

Jamal is profoundly involved in the real estate market, in which he is also an active investor. Taleb Realty Inc is a brokerage firm that services the New England region and has been in business for over a decade now. He has a team of experienced and skilled agents who view business transactions as relationships. This humanizes the process and ensures that the buying and selling experience is as easy and hassle-free as it can be. No matter what kind of home someone is looking for or what price range they have, Jamal and his team can help them find what is perfect for them.

Jamal is no stranger to multitasking. In fact, he welcomes it. He loves working through challenges to uncover the best solutions to any given problem. That’s the engineering mindset within him, given his base background in engineering.

Today, Jamal is an entrepreneur who is involved in a diverse array of companies. He is an engineer, inventor, real estate broker, investor, and leader at several companies. He holds executive and managerial positions at multiple businesses and enjoys having a positive impact in so many industries.

As successful as Jamal is, he is also familiar with failure. However, he doesn’t see this as a problem. In fact, he sees failure as an integral component of success. He likes to say that, “Failures establish your success. Never give up.”

It’s clear to see Jamal Taleb isn’t a quitter and doesn’t give up easily. His successes in real estate and with BondApp are two major testaments to the philosophy and work ethic he carries with himself. It’s inspiring to see what can be accomplished when you take on a solutions-oriented mindset.

To learn more about BondApp, head over to the official website. You can also check out Jamal’s real estate brokerage firm’s website. Finally, take a peek at his personal website to learn more about his involvement in providing solutions to industries that could use his expertise.