Wedding Ceremony, The Matrimony Of Olga Ly And Nick Leventis In Monaco

Haute Living caught up with Mag Models PR agency Founder Olga Ly for a Q&A on her recent wedding to racing champion Nick Leventis.

Olga Ly, Nick Leventis wedding 2
Nick Leventis, Olga Ly

Photo Credit: Stephane Gagnard

Haute Living: Where did you two marry?

Olga Ly: We got married in Monaco at the Hotel de Paris.

Olga Ly, Nick Leventis wedding 4Photo Credit: Stephane Gagnard

HL: What are the names and ages of your children?

OL: Our child together is named Lion and was born on December 10th, 2019 in Los Angeles. Nick has two children, Marley who is 11 years old, and Zion who is 6 years old. We are a happy blended family. The boys were very happy to become big brothers and take great care of Lion.

Olga Ly, Nick Leventis wedding 3Photo Credit: Stephane Gagnard

HL: Do you guys have a dog?

OL: Yes! Kaya decided to feature in our wedding picture as well as much of our family pictures. She’s a very loving labrador. She does spark joy in our family and is so good with the children.

Olga Ly, Nick Leventis wedding 1Photo Credit: Stephane Gagnard

HL: Tell us about your wedding dress, tux, and engagement ring. 

OL: For my wedding day, I decided to wear a dress from Isabel Kristensen ( and set up my choice for a gown that was hand-embroidered but still very modern. Nick wore a tuxedo from Armani with a white t-shirt instead of a classic shirt to remain true to his dynamism. The engagement ring and wedding bands are beautiful creations from Graff.

HL: What does Mr. Leventis do for his time?

OL: Nick has retired as a racing driver, and he founded Strakka Racing. He won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the LMP1 and LMP2 category breaking five records in the process.

In addition to his own racing career, Nick is dedicated to helping young and aspiring driving talent through Strakka Performance, a bespoke driver development program he created in 2012 that has seen graduates reach WEC and F1.

Currently, Nick is working on opening the Uprising Performance Center for athletes. He’s also partnering with people who have inspired him to create a worldwide Uprising Project that aims to inspire and elevate consciousness and awareness in any possible way.

Olga Ly, Nick Leventis wedding 6Photo Credit: Stephane Gagnard

HL: Some words about your life and career? 

OL: Well, for my part I’ve started my career as a model and I’m now the proud founder of the Mag Models PR agency / Uprising Productions. Being in the modeling industry for many years taught me the important role of a PR in this business. It’s never enough just to look good, it’s very important to create a personality, ideally to be different to everyone else which is the hardest bit in modeling as competition is huge. 

Moving to Los Angeles, I knew it’s the right place for me and the Mag Models PR agency / Uprising Productions idea was born shortly after that. Mag Models PR / Uprising Productions is a production agency that helps to build and develop the careers of models, actors, artists, and companies. The advantages of the company are the knowledge of the specific conditions of the market and the individual approach to each client. In a short period of time, it has resulted in the industry’s highest standard of excellence.

HL: When did you two meet?

OL: We met in Los Angeles.

HL: Where do you live?

OL: After living in different cities in the world, we decided to settle our family home in Monaco where we can have a normal life but still manage to work on our careers. We love Monaco. We appreciate the energy, the cultural and performance environment, it’s a very safe place and thinking of the future, the education system is great for the kids. There we felt like we could settle for good and live our happy ever afterlife.

Olga Ly, Nick Leventis wedding 5Photo Credit: Stephane Gagnard

HL: Are you planning a wedding party to celebrate with your friends? 

OL: Yes, we are! Celebrating our wedding during the pandemic meant to get married with only two witnesses, but we have great plans to celebrate our love either this year or in 2021 if the worldwide situation allows it. We of course want to party with our family and friends but Nick and I strive to do good and want to use our honeymoon at this advantage too.

Now that we’re parents, we want to use our voice to create a safer future for our children and raise them in a world where they’ll be able to become whoever they wish to be and grow healthy.

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