Louis Vuitton’s “The Rainbow Project” Window Displays At NYC Fifth Avenue & Beverly Hills Boutiques

Louis Vuitton Beverly Hills rainbowPhoto Credit: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton unveiled “The Rainbow Project” at its Fifth Avenue Maison boutique in New York City, marking the first instillation for the project in the U.S., and has now introduced “The Rainbow Project” window display to the Beverly Hills boutique. The House’s windows are engrained in the heritage of Louis Vuitton, while the colorful rainbows bring a certain air of hope—as in, how the sun breaks through the clouds after a storm—and lightness—as we approach the summer months. “The Rainbow Project” made its debut in Europe in cities like Pairs, France, Frankfurt, Germany and Madrid, Spain, each boutique window being “unique in its conception with rainbows created either as stickers or digitally shown through animated screens.” Louis Vuitton staff members and their children were invited to participate in the creative conception; for instance, the Champs-Elysées store in Paris has varied rainbows designed by local French children, while the Madrid store in Spain shows the drawing by a Spanish child, surrounded by LV Monogram clouds. “The Rainbow Project” will continue to be unveiled at other Louis Vuitton stores across the globe, including in American boutiques like New York City and Chicago.

Louis Vuitton Rainbow PRojectPhoto Credit: Louis Vuitton