Diamond Producers Association (DPA) Relaunches Under New Name, ‘Natural Diamond Council’

Natural Diamond Council Photo Credit: Natural Diamond Council The world’s leading diamond producers—Diamond Producers Association (DPA)—has formally relaunched under a new name, now known as Natural Diamond Council. Maintaining the ethos of promoting natural diamonds and supporting the integrity of the diamond jewelry industry, NDC will not only continue to advertise their cause globally but will also launch its own publishing brand, pushing out timely and news-worthy content pertaining to the industry. Also part of the new relaunch comes a new slogan, Only Natural Diamonds (OND), replacing the former Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond tagline.

Natural Diamond Council Photo Credit: Natural Diamond Council

The new rebrand launched on June 1st, complete with a new website and digital platform where consumers can find all information celebrating natural diamonds, in addition to editorial from jewelry experts like Jill Newman, Marion Fasel and Carol Woolton. The website will span six pillars of topics that help promote and educate about the natural diamond world, including: Epic Diamonds; Hollywood & Pop Culture; Love & Diamonds; Style & Innovation; Diamonds 101; and Inside the Diamond World. 

The mission of this new platform and rebranding is not only to provide engaging content for consumers to enjoy on their platforms, as well as attract a new, younger audience—but first and foremost, to educate consumers on the importance of natural diamonds, sustainability, ethical practices of diamond producers and of course, what to know and consider when buying diamond jewelry—and who you can trust to buy from.

Natural Diamond Council Photo Credit: Natural Diamond Council

“The current economic climate creates unprecedented challenges for the luxury industry. But, as the climate improves, natural diamonds will connect stronger than ever before. Consumers will have greater respect for all things natural and seek brands that have an honest mission to be truly sustainable. They’ll be purchasing luxury goods with a greater meaning, particularly those celebrating connections between friends and loved ones,” said Natural Diamond Council CEO, David Kellie. “We need to speak to the younger audience in a different way and we’re delighted to have brought in a number of partners that will contribute to the new world of natural diamonds we’re creating.”

For more information, please head to Natural Diamond Council’s newly-launched website here. The site features a resource portal, which will aid Diamond Professionals including retailers and designers.

Natural Diamond Council Photo Credit: Natural Diamond Council