A Sneak Peek Inside L.A.’s Hot New Social Wellness Destination, Remedy Place

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The first-ever “social wellness club,” is coming to the Sunset Strip this October. Remedy Place is the vision of Dr. Jonathan Leary, one of the most sought-after practitioners in the holistic wellness space (don’t believe us? His personal practice wait list is currently more than six months long), which aims to re-define self-care as a place where you don’t have to sacrifice your social life to prioritize your health and which will offer customized antidotes that seek to target and reverse modern day stressors, from jet lag to simple hangovers to intense workouts.

So what will this social space include, and how will it function?  Imagine taking an important work call from a hyperbaric chamber for increased clarity; or choosing Cryotherapy instead of coffee (and having a chat about it afterward from the much warmer comfort of a temptation-free bar, with its all-natural, healthy food and beverages).

Featured remedies include sound baths, vitamin IVs, infrared saunas, compression lounges and movement therapy, all presented in a stunning space. Memberships are available for $495 a month. 

Below, we quiz Dr. Leary on his innovative new space and discover how Remedy Place will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Remedy Place Photo Credit: www.allthebellsandwhistles.com 

Co-Founder Dr. Jonathan Leary Explains The Intention Behind Remedy Place

Remedy Place
Founder Dr. Jonathan Leary and COO Rhyce Lein

Photo Credit: Gurminder Banga, www.bangastudios.ca


What is the intention of the Remedy Place space?

Remedy Place is not a gym, it is not a spa, it is a social wellness club. Our intention is to create a social environment with no temptation, that only enhances our guests’ health. The design of our space was inspired by the design of lounges, bars and hotel lobbies – places where people are used to being social. So we’re giving guests that chic, familiar environment, but without any of the toxins. The design of Remedy Place is the antithesis of a sterile environment. We want our guests to come to us as their third place – not quite home, but comfortable and not quite work, but co-working friendly – it’s where you go when you need time to take care of yourself.

Many wellness environments don’t encourage interaction with other people – it’s all about privacy and seclusion, not a social experience. We’re not saying that’s wrong, but it can be limiting which is why we wanted to give guests the option to have privacy or share the experience with friends and loved ones. Having a community of like-minded individuals on the same path can be empowering and a huge asset to a healthy lifestyle. Whether grabbing a juice at our non-alcoholic bar (instead of happy hour), shutting off after work with a group meditation (instead of going home and isolating yourself), or access to a new destination during the day to meet friends or have a meeting, the Remedy Place space is designed to become a part of your routine.

How will Remedy Place be unique to LA?

Remedy Place provides everything you need to find and maintain balance, all in one club. From CEOs to pro athletes and everything in between, healthy living starts with an honest assessment. We understand no one is perfect, and that’s ok. It is impossible to cut out all stress in life, so we want to give you the antidotes by putting your body in a state of balance. That is when your body is in its optimal state to heal and perform. Remedy Place is built to address personal stressors (travel, late nights out, pushing your body in the gym, etc.). We want to know how you live, work and play. From there, our trained experts will help you pinpoint the parts of your lifestyle that put stress on the body so you can make informed decisions about how you take care of yourself with a custom plan.

The biggest service we see missing from the health and wellness industry is education. This is a problem because only you can make you healthy. It is our duty to teach guests how to gain their own health independence and give them our mindful, science-based practices to integrate into their routines. I’ve been using an education first approach in my private practice for years – now that journey starts for every guest at Remedy Place.

Remedy Place Photo Credit: www.allthebellsandwhistles.com 

What guests can expect specifically?

We’ve identified seven elements of holistic health (hot, cold, oxygen, nutrients, movement, mind, and compression) and transformed them into remedies to bring your body back to balance. Each of our services are tied to one or a blend of multiple elements to maximize benefits.

Guests can expect an experience that is customizable, educational, and social for any price range or time commitment. For example, our studio hosts group classes with experts in meditation, mindfulness and movement starting at $30. All of our services are available a la carte, catering to a quick visit or full-day stay.

Upon arrival, guests can opt-in for a custom consultation with one of our specialists who can help craft a remedy based on each guest’s personal stressors from a single experience to a long-term plan.

If you want to become a member, at Remedy Place monthly membership includes unlimited cryotherapy, unlimited group classes, one element per month (hyperbaric oxygen therapy, infrared sauna or lymphatic drainage massage), and one IV treatment per month.

What does Remedy Place offer that nowhere else does?

Remedy Place uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Unless you’re Justin Bieber or LeBron James you might not know what it is, but this cutting edge treatment speeds up every biochemical healing process in the body. It’s a service not readily available to the public unless you’re willing to pay an exorbitant cost. We’re changing that.

We wanted to set a new standard for experiencing and learning about health care and body maintenance. Our bodies are like machines, we all need regular check ins and tune ups to keep us at our best mentally and physically. As LA’s first and only social wellness club, we are the only place to give an antidote all of life’s common stressors in one place.

Remedy Place offers treatments that are not otherwise available all in one location. It already takes a lot of effort to take care of yourself, never mind seeking out different locations for different treatments all over town. Who has time for that? Inevitably a multi-stop structure for self care cuts into time for work or fun, so we created a space where guests don’t have to sacrifice either.

Remedy Place will be located at 8305 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, 90069