Country Superstar Lee Brice Reflects On How Special “I Drive Your Truck” Still Is & When We Can Expect His Fifth Album

Everything country superstar Lee Brice seems to touch turns to gold (or platinum). Case in point – with more than 14 million in RIAA certified sales, Brice has achieved Gold and Platinum on every album and single released with “A Woman Like You” reaching Double Platinum status. Doesn’t get much better than that. Did we also mention he is a partner in American Born Whiskey?

The Grammy nominee, CMA nominee and double ACM award winner has  taken six radio singles to #1: “Rumor,” “A Woman Like You,” “Hard To Love,” “I Drive Your Truck,” “I Don’t Dance,” and “Drinking Class.” (You may not realize this, but Garth Brooks, Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney along with many others have recorded his songs).

Brice, who is among the Top 25 most-streamed country artists of all time on Pandora, is currently on a nationwide tour through the fall. We caught up recently with the “Rumor” singer to chat about how special “I Drive Your Truck” still is and when we can expect to see his fifth album.

Photo Credit: Ryan “Spidy” Smith

You have said your most recent fourth self-titled album was the most personal for you. Why did you decide to open yourself up so much on this album? 

I feel like I’ve grown a lot since my first three albums. I know exactly who I am as a father, husband, man, and artist.  What was cool is that I got to explore more deeply musically and I played just about every instrument on the album, which was something I hadn’t done before. I got to bare my soul on this album. Every night, we are with the most incredible fans on the road and they show up for us. They give us their all. I always strive to do the same thing in concert and on my records.  I can’t see giving any less — ever.

Photo Credit: Ryan “Spidy” Smith

Did you ever think “I Don’t Dance” would become such the huge hit that it has at weddings?

That song was my wedding gift to my beautiful wife, Sara, so all that was on my mind while writing it was her and how much I loved her. I think that’s what people probably pick up on.  It is honest, pure and true and I’m honored that people would make it part of their big days.

You worked with your brother on his self-titled debut EP release a couple of years ago. What do you think was the best piece of advice you gave him?

Lewis is incredibly talented and knows who he is.  I think I’ve just reminded him to remain true to that.

Your song, “I Drive Your Truck,” was written in memory of (Medal of Honor recipient) Sgt. 1st Class Jared Monti who was killed in action in 2006. How does it feel knowing how much the song continues to touch the hearts of so many people?

That song is special. Every time I perform it, there are tears in the audience. I think we’ve all been touched by loss in some way and that song brings us all together to remember those we’ve lost; those who have gone before us.

When can we expect to see your fifth album?

We’re working on it right now and are sharing some of the recording sessions on social media. Join me there —we’d love everyone who’s reading this to feel like they’re part of the process.

Photo Credit: Ryan “Spidy” Smith