How Ashanti Feels Confident & Sexy… ESPECIALLY In A Swimsuit

AshantiPhoto Credit: PLT

Most women dread swimsuit season (not the actual season, mind, but the getting into the swimsuit itself after a long, cold winter of comfort eating), but not Ashanti. The 36-year-old singer not only goes confidently into the summer, but has also created a bold line of swimwear in collaboration with Pretty Little Thing (PLT)—think animal prints, sequins, cut-outs and more that say “Everyone SHOULD look at me.” We spoke to the singer—who’s back in the studio putting the final touches on her super-secretive seventh album (the first since 2014’s “Braveheart”) which may (or may not, like we said, she’s secretive!) feature assists from J Balvin and Cardi B, among others—about her new collection, her . new album, and what having confidence really means.

AshantiPhoto Credit: PLT

What made you decide to collaborate with PLT?

I got the call from [PLT founder Umar Kamani] and we had a cool dinner meeting. I love that PLT is all about women and embracing every woman’s shape, size and color. It’s all about [female] empowerment!

Why did you opt for swimwear versus clothing?

People have been asking me to do a swimwear line for years and I never really took it seriously until this opportunity came up. I thought it was perfect and the timing couldn’t be better.

What is your favorite PLT x Ashanti piece and why?

The brown leopard zebra snake skin print, the lime green zebra snake skin print, I also love the peacock print. I can’t forget the red and blue leopard with the lime green trim! These all stand out because there so different and exotic and they come in a variety of cuts for each body.

AshantiPhoto Credit: PLT

Buying swimwear can be a challenge for some women, though you seem to rock it more confidently than most. What’s your secret?

My secret is really figuring out which cuts look the best of my body.. but first and foremost you must feel confident from the inside out.. A nice cut bathing suit just adds the flavor.. it also doesn’t hurt to hit the gym and eat right.

On that note, what makes you feel confident and powerful on a daily basis?

Being a woman in this industry, having success, and being able to inspire women to be great, makes me feel confident and powerful… taking care of myself and really understanding how to be healthy mentally and physically is so important!

You’re releasing your first album in five years. What can we expect? What’s the overall vibe/sound? Do you have a release date yet?

I’m releasing an EP that I am so excited about me and Metro Boomin are executive producing it… and we have finally decided what the vibe is.. we went live on Instagram from the studio in LA and the people wanted that Ashanti R&B 2019….with a few surprises… certain things that I’ve never said before!AshantiPhoto Credit: PLT

You’ve discussed some collaborations on the album. Have the collabs with Davido, J Balvin, Cardi B or J-Roc made the cut?

You’ll have to get it & find out!! ?

What is the best thing about where you’re at in life right now?

I’m very excited about my new music & the new energy.. also very excited about this collaboration and working with my sister Shia on the designs. She’s so talented; these are her creations! It’s just dope how we have such an amazing relationship and now were able to share business together. I’m going to be touring all over the place the rest of this year so everything feels really good…everything is organically falling together. Exciting things happening in my personal life and I’m just feeling super blessed and grateful.

Fill in the blank. Summer is the perfect time to _____.

Travel, BBQ with family, create music and memories… and wear these fire new bikinis by me and Pretty Little Thing!