One-On-One With Ignazio Cipriani As Mr. C Coconut Grove Debuts In Miami

Mr. C Coconut Grove - Haute LivingPhoto Credit: Paola Alarcon for Haute Living

The fourth-generation Cipriani brothers’ premier boutique hotel brand, Mr. C, has debuted in key locations throughout the country including Beverly Hills, Manhattan’s Seaport District, and finally—Miami—in the heart of Coconut Grove. Mr. C Coconut Grove offers guests the all-encompassing Cipriani family hospitality experience in a boutique luxury hotel setting, featuring 100 guestrooms and suites; the rooftop restaurant, Bellini; an adjacent rooftop pool with sweeping views of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline; a state-of-the-art gym + classes; and upscale ballroom spaces, perfect for private events.

Mr. C Coconut Grove adds a charming new presence in the historic neighborhood, merging old-world sophistication and drawing inspiration from Italy’s iconic coastal style to create a glamorous and elegant setting. The lobby interior hints at aesthetic elements of a classic yacht, boasting high gloss timber paneling, high ceilings, Murano glass chandeliers and large-scale terrazzo flooring. The color scheme draws inspiration from the sea, with airy blue, white and pink fabrics completing the space with comfortable sofas and armchairs. All guestrooms take on the same theme, designed in deep blue hues with elegant dark wood paneling and furnishings. The windows are circular, emitting the feeling of being at sea, and many of the rooms, themselves, offer beautiful waterfront views.

Ignazio Cipriani - Haute LivingPhoto Credit: Paola Alarcon for Haute Living

Bellini Restaurant + Bar brings a much-needed upscale dining and drinking experience to the neighborhood, made all the more special by its panoramic waterfront views, wide balconies, indoor and outdoor seating and of course, incredible culinary offerings including cocktails like like the namesake Bellini or the signature Mr. C, as well as fresh pastas, meat and fish dishes.

The property is powered by fourth-generation Cipriani brothers, Ignazio and Maggio Cipriani. Ignazio, in particular, is spearheading the brand’s expansion and caught up with Haute Living while he was in town for the opening to discuss the launch of Mr. C Coconut Grove, what guests can expect from the new property, how they chose the location and curated the design, as well as future expansion plans for Mr. C elsewhere.

HL: Tell us about how you created this specific Mr. C and this location in particular. What made you choose [Coconut Grove]?

IC: Well, Arquitectonica who is our partner and responsible for the architecture of the building actually brought this opportunity to us. I fell in love with the project and I took it from there. It was a great location, in a neighborhood with its own personality that allows us to reach a new audience. We then designed the interiors and modern landscape to make it fit the brand.

HL: Was the waterfront location important for you?

IC: It is a natural fit that goes with the nautical theme of our three hotels and it makes even more sense in a city like Miami.

Ignazio Cipriani - Haute LivingPhoto Credit: Paola Alarcon for Haute Living

HL: How Is the property similar to other Mr. C locations, but also unique to Miami?

IC: I think all of our properties share some common elements in design because we like to maintain our brand recognition. But each one has characteristics of the neighborhood it’s located in. For example, the Mr. C Seaport New York is very different from this one. It is a charming historical building that kind of blends in with the neighborhood, it is smaller, 66 rooms with a beautiful lobby lounge and bar and views on the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River. Mr. C Coconut Grove is more summery and immersed in tropical green; offers 100 rooms and suites all with balconies and has a beautiful top floor restaurant and pool deck. Mr. C Beverly Hills is our largest one, with 137 rooms.

HL: How did you bring on the designers for this project?

IC: This is the first project we did with Martin Brudnizki for Mr. C. A friend of mine actually recommended him to me and I had appreciated a lot of his works. It was a natural fit. He understood the DNA of the brand right away, which is always super important to us. He embraced our vision and there wasn’t too much going back and forth.

HL: What are some of your favorite aspects of this property?

IC: Definitely the views. The view along the restaurant is very special. We will also have an exterior garden adjacent to the lobby, which will offer another beautiful outdoor experience for guests. In a couple of weeks, we will be holding a mixer, like an afternoon tea for the neighborhood and we will be doing other programming there, such as sunrise yoga and fitness classes upon completion.

HL: How is the Miami market important for Mr. C and the Cipriani brand?

IC: I think for both brands, it is a very natural step. Miami is becoming more and more international, which is important for our clientele. A lot of our customers have homes in Miami, so it’s nice for us to be able to serve them.

HL: How will it complement Cipriani Downtown?

IC: They are different, so they will not compete. The DNA is similar, but they offer independent experiences including different menus in the restaurants. Mr. C and Bellini are meant to be more accessible. I think they can coexist and complement each other nicely. Both maintain our identity and offer the same excellent service and hospitality experience.

HL: What other expansion plans do you have for Mr. C. In 2019?

IC: We aren’t looking at anything specific right now, but I would love to do something next in Europe. I think London or Milan would be cities to open in next. Also, the UAE is a great market if the right opportunity comes along.

Ignazio Cipriani - Haute LivingPhoto Credit: Paola Alarcon for Haute Living