Celebrity Artist Brian Fox Will ‘Live Paint’ At Grammy Viewing Party With Rock Legend Steven Tyler

From Boston‘s own New England Patriots Super Bowl champions Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski to Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg and rock legend Steven Tyler, celebrity artist Brian Fox has painted some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. This weekend, Fox is jetting off once again to the west coast with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler to “live paint” at Tyler’s second annual Grammy Awards viewing party at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. At the event, Fox will be creating an onstage experience for one lucky bidder where the winner’s image will be included within the portrait of Steven Tyler, which the rock icon will also help paintThe celebrity studded event, which supports Tyler’s nonprofit, Janie’s Fund, last year raised more than $2.4 million for the organization. (Janie’s Fund has two houses – one in Atlanta and the most recent opening near Memphis – providing residential accommodations to girls and women who have been abused or neglected).

Throughout his 20-year career, Fox has been honored as the official artist for the 2009 NHL Winter Classic, the official commemorative artist for Major League Baseball’s 2007, 2008 and 2009 All-Star Games, as well as the official artist for the 2007 World Series held in Boston. We caught up recently with Fox to chat about his challenging road to success, how he began collaborating with Steven Tyler and who he would like to paint next.

Photo Credit: Zack Whitford

How excited are you for the Grammy Awards viewing party in Hollywood this weekend?

It’s a mixture of excitement as well as wanting to perform well. I will be painting for three hours live onstage at the party, so there is a little stress and nervousness involved, but it’s really exciting. After the party, Aerosmith will be performing live. It’s very surreal. I’m so honored and humbled that Steven has once again asked me to help out with this.

Tell us a little about the painting you will be creating onstage with Steven Tyler.

Steven Tyler called me with an idea that he wanted to change up from last year. This weekend, I am going to be working on a live painting onstage for a lucky bidder. It’s a four-foot by five-foot painting of Steven Tyler singing that I have painted. The winning bidder will be added into the painting that Steven will also help paint. Steven Tyler will pose with them and the winner will get a portrait with Steven Tyler, coming up on stage and posing with him. It’s really a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This year, how much are you hoping to raise for Janie’s Fund?

I have no idea. Last year, we had the same party and the same charity event and we raised almost $500,000 for Janie’s Fund. When you see the money that we have raised and where it’s going and how it’s helping these young girls, it’s a powerful thing.

How did the collaboration with Steven Tyler come about?

I got introduced to Steven Tyler from a friend in Boston who is an actor (Kevin Chapman). Steven and I became friends and then he asked me to help out on this.

Photo Credit: Jeff Adams

You were the epitome of a starving artist back in the day living in a shed on the land where your house is now built. Can you talk a little about that journey to where you are now?

That was before I got married and I used to trade drawings for food. I would go to restaurants with some buddies and would trade my paintings for food. I had very humble beginnings and at one point, I was living on the floor of a shed, which is why I don’t take anything for granted.

Who would you like to paint?

I have painted a lot of people over the years, but I would want to paint someone who I could team up with to help their charities and put it in the hands of someone like Steven Tyler, who helps so many people on a greater scale. In the same vein, I would like to work with Bono and Eddie Vedder. They can do a lot of good.

Photo Credit: Brian Fox Studios