An Inside Look At Upcoming 2019 Luxe Wedding Trends

Chetrit-Edelstein-45929-F-0674-2-753x502Photo Credit: Fred Marcus Studio

Weddings have become one of the most elaborate celebrations we’ve seen lately and as the years continue, the extravagance will only increase. With the prevalence and exposure of social media it’s hard to miss the trends we’ve seen develop over time. Whether it’s a living flower wall or an over-the-top wedding cakes, new wedding trends are constantly emerging and we love seeing what couples are coming up with next. Haute Living spoke with Josh Spiegel of Birch Event Design, who recently designed the floral and decor for this year’s Angel Ball, for a peek of what wedding trends we can expect to see in 2019.

Gustavo Campos PhotographyPhoto Credit: Gustavo Campos Photography

On The Event Space:

JS: 2019 wedding trends are going to feature more and more instagramable moments. When it comes to the location, people are looking for event spaces they’ve never seen before that sets itself apart from the rest. They want to create that WOW and excitement factor. Because of social media, they’re looking for ways to entertain their guests and their media accounts. It’s about who’s going to come up with the newest, greatest thing, how they’re going to create a wall that’s different that, when posted, the photos go viral. It’s all about re-inventing the photo-opp, think the photo-wall that reinvents the the flower wall.

Clane Gessel

On Entertainment:

JS: Weddings will feature more entertainment for the guests than just your typical band or DJ. People will be hiring outside entertainment to add to the guest experience and again add to the social media buzz. People have been and are going to introduce incredible entertainment into the events.

Examples include during dancing women hang from the ceiling pouring champagne, the couple brings in interesting bartenders who are doing cool tricks behind the bars, hosts that are guiding guests from one area to another acting as mimes, or very decorated humans who are a part of the event that add a level of interest will all be prevalent in 2019.

FloralWallPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Birch Event Design

On Floral:

JS: In regard to floral, I believe renaissance flowers will continue to make a comeback, and the old traditional flower arrangement will be new again. Renaissance flowers are a little bit more of a European twist on traditional floral. Flowers that are curated, but are whimsical and natural. Arrangements that look organic and as if they grew in the vessel placed in; less structured, but extremely thought out – every flower is thought out.

Clane GesselPhoto Credit: Clane Gessel

On Design Style:

JS: A big part of organic and rustic weddings are people wanting the feeling of “DIY” but to a luxury level. They will make things look simplistic through natural elements like wood crates and medal, while using weedier flowers. When it comes to industrial, people are finding more raw spaces and turning the space into whatever they want. Textures are everything. From dresses to linen, to napkins and even in the florals – mixing elements and different textures are going to huge this year.

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