Scotty Morris Chats About Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s 25th Anniversary & Holiday Tour

Famously named after an autograph by blues legend Albert Collins, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy continues to celebrate jazz and swing music 25 years after the band’s inception. Not only have they sold millions of records, had their music appear in hundreds of movies and television shows, but they have played at the Super Bowl and even performed for four Presidents all the while doing it in the most untraditional fashion – their own way – and with all of the original band members.

We caught up recently with lead vocalist Scotty Morris to chat about the band’s 25th anniversary celebration, holiday tour and how his songwriting has evolved over the years.

Big Bad Voodoo DaddyPhoto Credit: Wortman Works

You guys just celebrated the band’s 25th anniversary with all seven original members. How does that feel?

I think that’s probably the highest achievement one could feel in this situation when you have all the original members since day one. We have always all had the same goal and then it starts sinking in that what we are doing is totally unique. Being in a band is like a marriage – you can either embrace it or start to find every single thing wrong with every member of the band. For us, it has been a win-win.

Did you ever think your style of swing music would be such a huge hit?

Not even remotely. My idea of swing had to do with my love of punk rock growing up, but wild swing and early New York stuff was always my favorite so we decided to connect the two. When Big Bad Voodoo Daddy started, Nirvana was the number one band in the world. It’s ground roots. We never had a song in heavy rotation on the radio or a nationally promoted tour where there was a major sponsor like Budweiser, but we have played for four Presidents.

How many suits do you guys have?

I am in my closet right now packing for the tour, and I have 17 on the rack and a boatload more in storage.

Tell us a little about your holiday season tour.

Our holiday tour is one of the most fun we do. It takes a little finessing because there are so many songs that we play in the live set. I’m not there to play songs I want to play, but what people like to hear. We never rehearse because we have been together for so long, but we have to rehearse our holiday music. We will slip in some holiday favorites and classics, but will be doing it our way.

How has your songwriting style evolved over the years?

I personally believe I have just gotten better. I have gotten more creative with it. The great success I’ve had was with the early stuff like Go Daddy-O. Before, I would write things for fun, but now I put a lot more time into it.

You’re working on a new album now?

Yes, every song on this album is going to be way more reckless. If you listen to any of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s records in succession, you can see how I have always changed my approach by introducing something, especially in our last album, “Louie Louie Louie.”

You guys are playing at The Cabot in Beverly, Massachusetts next Thursday. Any favorite places to check out in town?

I love Boston and I really love the East Coast in general. It’s beautiful but really cold. We pretty much play every day so we have to really rest and take care of ourselves when we are on tour.