Where To Savor Ramen Late Night Like A Vegas Local

JINYA Ramen Las Vegas Haute Living Tita CarraPhoto Credit: JINYA RamenThe late-night snack for Las Vegas right now is ramen.

It was just last week that it snowed in the city and it may be happening again if the freezing temperatures continue to drop.

For locals, ramen is the soup of choice to sip, slurp, and warm up after a night out specifically at JINYA Ramen Bar.

Business moguls, local hipsters, families, and tourists all find themselves at this spot at different hours of the day. But, you can find a ton of night owls indulging well into dawn.

JINYA Ramen Las Vegas Haute Living Tita Carra

If you’ve ever been to Japan, and have ordered ramen, you’ll know the broth is the single most important component of the dish. That is what JINYA has brilliantly mastered and why it’s garnered such a cult following.

They slowly simmer their broth for ten hours resulting in their addicting and satisfying broth which is rich, thick, and full-flavored thanks to whole pork bones, chickens or vegetables with bonito, dashi, kombu and other authentic ingredients.

If it’s 2AM and you’re looking for a warm late-night snack, then you must make your way to JINYA.