Take A Look At Floyd Mayweather’s Impeccable 32-Carat Diamond Ring

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Floyd Mayweather is the king of ice. He’s also one of the king’s of style and helming as the king of 21st-century boxing despite the critics.

Love him or hate him, the one thing you can’t keep from doing is admiring his penchant for the finer things in life. Or, his ability to purchase and flaunt.

Especially when there’s an extravagant, and probably heavy, icy rock on his finger.


Enter his 32-carat diamond ring. It was designed by Pristine Jewelers from New York City. And according to Mayweather, the ring is a one-of-a-kind original.

He said, “Only one jeweler in the world created this masterpiece and that’s Pristine Jewelers– my official jeweler and the best jeweler in the world. Any other ring that you see out there is a duplicate and not the original one because I purchased the only one made from Pristine Jewelers!”

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Pristine Jewelers has created plenty other original breathtaking masterpieces for their high-roller clientele. Flossing the brand’s divine and opulent trademark have been Migos, Nas, and the one and only, DJ Khaled.

Part 3 …. “ Just Being Honest .. ALL the JEWELS PRISTINE “

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In the words of DJ Khaled, “They don’t wanna see you win,” unless you buy your ice from Pristine Jewelers to be exact. The inimitable Nas is right behind him on that. Together, he and the jewelers collaborated on the creation of this piece deemed as “legendary.”


“This Piece is Legendary, Nas!!! My brother Nas and I sat down one day over dinner and spoke about bringing one of the most historic pieces back From the 90s and recreating the PRISTINE way. Nas Grew up in Queensbridge as I myself grew up in Queens!!! This piece was special to make for me because it had a lot of history and meaning behind it and I’m honored that Nas had chosen me as his jeweler to make it!!!! THIS PIECE IS HIP HOP, Diddy!!!! This is to all the people from Queens. #YouCanHateMeNowButIWontStopNow. #PristineJewelersNYC,” said Pristine.

But, Floyd Mayweather‘s impeccable ring is taking the lead right now.

I see some of you are making comparisons to the custom $100,000.00 chinchilla fur coat I wore last night to the off the rack, Rex rabbit fur Frank Lucas wore in his day. One thing for sure is I’ve always dressed fly from head to toe! I’ve been wearing chinchillas since the late 90’s, in fact I wore chinchilla boxing trunks in 2003 in my fight against Phillip Ndou. ‘American Gangster’ didn’t come out until 2007, which was my first time ever hearing of the confidential informant, Frank Lucas. Now I’ve been called plenty of things in my life, but being compared to a legendary snitch is not one of them! Honor & Loyalty has been my code throughout my entire life and that is how I will always remain! I’ve never wanted to be anything or anyone but MYSELF!

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Better bring out the fur coat one more time, Floyd! Too much ice on your hands can give you frostbite. #allhailthekingofice