Everything You Need To Know About Foodgöd’s New Dessert At Komodo

Jonathan ChebanPhoto Credit: World Red Eye

Foodgöd, also known as the Kardashian-BFF Jonathan Cheban, has recently launched his own signature dessert at his good friend David Grutman‘s Miami hot spot, KOMODO. If you follow the food-loving social media sensation, you know that he never does anything in moderation. As can be expected, his new namesake dessert at the Asian fusion dining destination is nothing short of extravagant. The “Foodgöd Baked Alaska Surprise” is officially on the menu as of this past weekend, and it will undoubtedly be flooding your Instagram feed in no time.

David Grutman has been known to incorporate his endless celeb posse into his acclaimed menu at KOMODO, two years ago debuting the beloved “Cloud Nine” dessert in honor of world-renowned DJ Kygo, and most recently launching the “Papi” ribeye steak. It was certainly about time that the two friends launched their own dessert—Foodgöd style. The Foodgōd Baked Alaska Surprise combines all the best desserts into one—it features cake batter and strawberry ice cream, on top of a funfetti cake, covered in meringue and plated on a bed of cotton candy. Additionally, the sugary dessert is then topped with white chocolate Rice Krispies and fruity pebbles. To make it all the more extravagant, the sweet treat is lit on fire tableside—the perfect way to light up your Instagram feed and stories with an enviable, eye-catching dessert display.

Marked with Foodgōd’s stamp of approval, Komodo’s newest dessert is definitely drool-worthy, so go get it while it’s hot!

Foodgōd Baked Alaska SurprisePhoto Credit: World Red Eye