Everything You Need To Know About Equinox’s New 30-Minute Express Class: The Muse

THE_MUSE_51526_BD_A007_C001_0102JS_001.01_01_05_18_image_2_FINAL-hprPhoto Credit: Equinox

If you’re someone who has a tough time getting to the gym, global-renowned fitness brand Equinox has the answer to your prayers: a new, high-intensity, 30-minute express workout class called The Muse. Even better, the class is the first hybrid of its kind to fuse dance and barre together to create a fun, yet fulfilling exercise experience. In light of its upcoming launch at Equinox Brickell, Haute Living sat down with the expert—Nicole Petitto, who created the class—to get the rundown on everything you need to know about this revolutionary group fitness experience. Here’s the scoop:

HL: How does the class bridge the gap between dance and barre? 

A classical barre experience traditionally focuses on micro-movements and spot-focused training. The Muse incorporates the beloved micro-movements barre goers will recognize but also inserts a large percentage of fuller ranges of motion designed to provide the cardio element you’d experience in a dance-conditioning style class. Those that love the joy and freedom that dance brings to their bodies, but crave the low impact and big burn they get from barre, will love The Muse. 

HL: Is there a certain skill level attendees need to be at, or is it open to anyone—including beginners?

NP: The Muse is accessible to all levels. The choreography remains the same for a period of four weeks to give attendees the opportunity to feel confident with the sequencing so that by week four you’ve mastered the movements and can begin to put your own personal stamp of personality onto each movement. 

HL: How will you utilize the 30 minutes—does the express class pack more intensity into the shorter time?

NP: The Muse keeps you in constant motion for the full 30-minutes, which allows participants the opportunity to reach their fat burning zone (i.e. 60-80 percent of their max heart rate). The Muse experience not only challenges your physical endurance but challenges you mentally by moving you through choreography in just enough repetitions to keep you mentally engaged before learning the next new movement pattern. Plus, the use of the spheres provides an endurance-based aerobic experience that combines the use of the upper and lower body together and spreads the metabolic work across a greater mass of muscle.

THE_MUSE_51526_BD_DSC1814_404_FINAL-lprPhoto Credit: Equinox

HL: How did you come up with the name – The Muse – how does it exemplify the class?

NP: A loose definition of a “muse” is a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for others. The Equinox marketing team and I landed on the name “The Muse” for this program as we all have at some point inspired others around us. With this program, it was my desire to inspire creativity and passion behind the program to both members and Instructors alike through the creative use of a unique prop and movement patterns that blend together seamlessly to create the pure joy of movement. It is the instructors who continue the conversation of that inspiration by delivering the program to members every week—to inspire them to feel confident in their bodies, to challenge their body and brain, to connect with the energy felt in the room when everyone moves rhythmically in unison to powerful music. Finally, it is the members who dare to try something new, who embrace change and desire to challenge both their bodies and mind, who can inspire others to give this program a try as well! This is the essence of The Muse.

HL: Favorite part of the class.

NP: The use of the spheres! Using this light piece of equipment really changes the overall level of exertion and experience. In addition, the circular movement patterns integrated throughout the choreography and the overall flow feel so incredible in the body. I always leave class feeling open, lifted and energized rather than depleted. 

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about the class, you’re ready to join Equinox and Haute Living as we come together to debut The Muse to Miami on Saturday, February 17th at 1:45 p.m., followed by a special post-class event where guests can enjoy light bites and takeaways! To RSVP, click here.