Camille Kostek Dishes On Being A Patriots Cheerleader And Her New Role As Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

Camille KostekPhoto Credit: Camille Kostek

Life after being a Patriots cheerleader hasn’t been half bad for Camille Kostek. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Equinox fitness ambassador, Dune Jewelry collaborator and actress. We caught up with Kostek last night to talk about her training with Equinox to get her Sports Illustrated ready, her advice to young girls on body image and some of her favorite haute spots in Boston.

Tell us how your training with Equinox got you Sports Illustrated ready.

I have always been a fan of Equinox and was super excited to work with them because they left it up to me to decide my trouble areas. Whether I was in New York, LA or Boston, they would set me up for my results so when I was ready for the shoot, they were able to transform me. My experience has been insane with Equinox. I love to work my glutes and triceps and use a lot of free weights. The best experience I had with Equinox was leading up to the photo shoot. I have never been one to count calories. I have a lot of friends in the fitness industry and understand girls who do crack down on diets, but I am not like that. I crave clean food, but do have an occasional chocolate bar or ice cream. I wasn’t set up on any crazy training diet, but I do meal prep when I can.

You’re a finalist for the SISwimSearch. Do you think being a New England Patriots cheerleader prepped you for your new venture as a swimsuit model?

Absolutely. I have been a dancer my whole life and always wanted to dance at the Super Bowl and give back to New England as a cheerleader. When it came time for Sports Illustrated, I was comfortable speaking on behalf of an iconic organization. I was able to bring that poise and grace to the camera lens.

I am coming up on a year with the whole process from the first time I submitted my video for the SISwimSearch. Then I heard I made it from 5,000 submissions to the top 35 then the top 15. I worked on my first ever runway during Swim Week and was told I could do commercial print. Being able to do my first runway was really rewarding. Whether I was in the top 35 or 15, when it came to the end, no one ever told us we would be hearing from someone, so we had to sit there, wait and be patient. It was worth the wait. I made the final six in September and then about a month and a half ago, I was told we would shoot for the magazine in Belize. Now, it’s up to the people voting until March 2 to pick the ultimate winner. The next thing is to hopefully come back as a 2019 rookie. The fact that these group of women are empowering powerhouses makes you want it so much more.

What advice do you give young girls on body image that you wish you had received early on in your career?

When I was young, the way I was brought up, my mom made me feel comfortable in my own skin. I discovered Sports Illustrated when I was 15. As women, we can’t help but compare ourselves, but when I saw the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, I found a model I could relate to. The girls were stunningly beautiful, but all of the girls looked normal. I wanted to see a model who had hips, thighs and freckles like me. In 2015, I signed my first agency in Boston. By the end of 2016, I came out to LA and wanted to solidify an agent. I was discouraged meeting agents, who told me to take a certain amount of weight off. I could have taken my body to that extreme, but that’s not what I stand for as an older sister and a female. I was able to present myself to Sports Illustrated without an agent in a 60-second video talking about my real-life experience and how I got here. I have had 12-year-olds and 45-year-olds reach out to me saying they’re excited to put on a dance costume or swimsuit because of me. I want everyone to be comfortable in their own skin. Everything changes when you accept who and how you are.

How did the venture with Dune Jewelry come about?

Dune was one of the first campaigns booked with my agency in Boston. If you want me to represent a brand, I want to learn all about that brand. Holly booked me for three campaigns for her jewelry line. She said I am a jet setter so we looked at different cities and states and put a piece of sand in to represent that experience. I loved that idea and we came up with the Voyager collection that features classic taxi cabs, old school airplanes and Polaroid cameras that all come with airport codes. Each piece comes in 18K gold or sterling silver and can be layered up. I always say my favorite thing I own is my passport, so these pieces can be layered to show where I have been. It’s a real conversation starter.

Dune JewelryPhoto Credit: Dune Jewelry

You’ll be starring in a couple of movies coming out later this year. Did you always know you wanted to get into acting?

When I am sitting in a movie theater with my girlfriends or boyfriend, I think how cool would it be to watch a movie with me in it. I have never had acting experience and told my agent in Boston that maybe I would get lucky to land a role in a movie. I will be in a movie called “I Feel Pretty” with Amy Schumer coming out in June. My role is as a hostess in a scene with Amy. I am really excited that I was able to land the role. To be on set was always something I dreamed of. I also have a second feature film that I will be starring in later this year as well.

What are some of your favorite places to go in Boston?

When I go out at night with some Patriots cheerleaders, I love Society on High. It’s a loungy place that is a perfect mix between a dance floor and lounge. For dinner, I love Committee. I love their hummus. I also love Jugos Juice Bar. Their hummus sandwich is so good and it’s perfect because it’s next to Equinox on Dartmouth Street.