TV Personality Diana Madison On Glam Masters And Working With Kim Kardashian


You can find influencer and TV personality Diana Madison everywhere from the red carpet at award shows interviewing Hollywood’s hottest to her blog where she dishes on beauty and fashion to her weekly talk show The Low Down with Diana Madison. It’s safe to say she’s one busy girl.

Currently, she’s gearing up for the premiere of her new beauty competition series Glam Masters on Lifetime (premieres February 28, 10/9c). Madison executive produced the show alongside the ultimate glam guru Kim Kardashian West. We caught up with Madison recently to chat about the show, what it’s like working with KKW, and her thoughts on the Times Up movement.

Tell us about Glam Masters. What’s it all about?

Glam Masters is a beauty competition show where talented makeup artists compete to be crowned the ultimate “Glam Master.” I executive produce the show with Kim Kardashian. Laverne Cox will be hosting it and the judges consist of Mario Dedivanovic, Kandee Johnson, and Zanna Roberts Rassi.

What inspired you to co-produce it?

The idea came to me working with talented and aspiring makeup artists who would come to my studio to do my own makeup for my online show, The Lowdown. The makeup artists would always talk about how they wanted to be discovered by Kim Kardashian on Instagram. So they would do crazy makeup looks and post on Instagram hoping and praying to be spotted by Kim and work for her on her glam squad. As we all know, Kim is the beauty guru and has created her own genre of makeup that is popular all over the world. So I spoke to Kim about the show idea and she loved it. It’s been a three-year journey since the creation of this show and I am so thrilled to have it on Lifetime. It’s such an amazing network that is always searching for raw talent.

What’s it like working with Kim Kardashian?

Kim is so inspirational. She is the hardest working person in the business. I admire her a lot because she’s a mother like myself and continues to find a good balance with her family life and work life.

What are some of your current favorite beauty products?

I am currently obsessed with Elcie Cosmetics’ Lashfull Mascara created by my good friend Lilit Caradanian. I also love the Prism Palette that Anastasia Beverly Hills has. I am good friends with Anastasia and support everything she does with her company. I also love the latest foundation by Dior cosmetics called Diorskin Nude. It is lightweight, but also does the job well. In addition, I am really into skincare and currently working on my own skincare line, which should be launched in the summer.

You’ve been attending a lot of award season happenings these past few weeks. How do you feel about the Times Up movement? 

I am proud to be a part of a community right now that is putting so much light and focus on a creative positive change for women and also men. It’s difficult to be a woman in any industry, not just Hollywood. There is a lot of abuse of power and gender inequality especially when it comes to equal pay. I am so happy that there are conversations going around all over the world about what is right and wrong. I am so happy to see women empowering one another and uniting. It is a good time to be a woman! I am so proud and looking forward to a future that will offer more opportunities for women like myself.