Chef Allen Campbell Talks TB12 Nutrition And AVAIL, His New Prepared Food Line

Allen Campbell became a household name here in Boston when we first learned the Newbury College graduate was the personal wellness chef and nutritionist to Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen from 2013-2016.

Today, he has embarked on a new venture recently unveiling AVAIL, a healthy inspired prepared food concept, at the Washington Gateway Main Street’s first annual holiday soiree last week at Ink Block Boston. Here, he gave guests a sneak peek at some of his new creations to come online next month, including rosemary walnut meatballs with lemon cream sauce, quinoa cakes with roasted butternut squash and raw chocolate chip cookies with coconut whipped cream.

Allen CampbellPhoto Credit: Allen Campbell

The South End chef and co-author of TB12 Nutrition Manual created AVAIL based on a food philosophy in nourishing plant based foods found each season. He has successfully revolutionized traditional culinary cuisine by showing us how to maximize health benefits through sustainable practices. His simple belief that whole foods are needed to support a healthy body, mind and spirit is the secret behind his success. Today, he still works as a personal chef to athletes and high profile celebrities, but is focusing much of his efforts on creating the healthy food line.

We caught up recently with Campbell to find out more about his new line, what ingredients he never uses and what it’s like cooking for celebrities, athletes, actors and entertainers.

Tell us about AVAIL.

It’s primarily plant based. In the warmer months, you’ll see grains and salads and in the colder months, animal protein and lots of root vegetables. AVAIL is fulfilling a demand for how you can get the same food that is provided to athletes, models, celebrities, etc. It will be brick and mortar at some point, but the line will launch online mid-January. There will be two programs – AVAIL Daily, which will be available at a lower price point and AVAIL Executive that will be a customized program.

How did you become the personal chef for Tom and Gisele?

I haven’t been working with them for about a year and a half now, but I met them while I was living in Miami. We saw eye to eye in terms of our food philosophy. As I got into feeding someone for performance, I really began looking at food as medicine. I draw from Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

When did you become obsessed with plant-based diets?

I left Boston in 2009 to work at a high end hotel in Miami. My sciatic nerve was all twisted and I realized my lifestyle was not working. I started to look at my own lifestyle. I stopped smoking cigarettes, eating junk food and then I took a spin class and did a cleanse. It happened pretty quickly. I started to educate myself on how to eat this way. I started to look at food from a different perspective that really came out from my own experience.

What ingredients don’t you use?

Refined sugars and white flour. It’s a plant based foundation using whole foods to promote better health.

Where do you shop?

I go to Boston Public Market where I can get local fish and vegetables. In a perfect world, I would get everything locally, but it’s not possible. For staple ingredients, I go to Whole Foods.

What are some of your favorite dishes to prepare?

That’s like asking someone to pick a favorite child when they have 15 kids. I really go for nutrient density. After working a long day, you want to have a dinner to look forward to. I try to take nutrient density and complement it with flavor. A favorite go-to is a quinoa bowl with avocado with a sauce of cashews and spices topped with fresh squeezed lemons.