Adele Turned Down Millions Offered By Arab Billionaires To Garden

Adele Turned Down Millions Offered By Arab Billionaires To Garden Las Vegas Haute Living Tita Carra“Can’t perform, my plants need me.” I’m paraphrasing.

Would you believe Adele turned down millions from Arab billionaires to perform in the middle east because she was gardening? Sounds farfetched, but according to The Daily Star and its source that’s what she did.

“I was with Adele’s agent and two gigs offered her a £1m deal to perform. Her agent said, ‘Nah, she’s not doing it. She’s busy gardening this week,’” said Aussie singer song-writer, first winner of Australian Idol turned judge of the show that made him famous.

She’s not pressed on a losing a measly million considering her tour sales alone have grossed $150 million. It makes sense that Adele wants to stay home and relax, and do gardeny things. Much deserved, don’t you think?

Get it together Arab billionaires! One of the world’s biggest stars cares not about your broken hearts when there are weeds that need pulling out. And by the way, WHO broke your hearts so much that you were willing to pay Adele millions? Give me a shower, a curtain, and hit play on “Hello,” and I’m just as good as the real deal. True story.

Here’s another rumour flying around. While this is yet to be confirmed, it seems the Arab billionaires are in competition with The Wynn. They are reportedly hoping to secure her residency at their property for $500,000 per show.

Haute Living has reached out to The Wynn for comment. Please check back for updates.