Gen Korean BBQ Is Redefining Chain Dining

Gen Korean BBQ Is Redefining Chain Dining Las Vegas Haute Living Tita CarraPhoto Credit: @Genkbbq Instagram“Am I in the right place?” I was confused, and hoped I’d brought enough money.

Gen Korean BBQ felt like Miami, or what I would imagine a Korean BBQ restaurant would look like if it was Miami Vice inspired. It has white booths, silver cylinder grills, silver accents, glass (everywhere), oriental pottery, geometric fixtures, and neon purple lights running straight across the ceilings, booths, and between dividers—super cool vibes.

I did not expect the 8 condiment dishes, laid out on the table, that welcomed me at Gen Korean BBQ by Galleria Mall in Henderson (part of the 2015 Galleria Mall renovation), but I’m not complaining. I also did not expect a 1970s neon lighting experience, but I’m also not complaining.

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The venue has the coolest vibes. You’ll hate yourself for not dressing up to eat here. I recommend wearing white. It’s not just some Korean BBQ you find in a plaza or shopping mall, no. I truly believe Gen Korean BBQ is redefining chain dining.

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The quality of the meats, poultry, seafood, and noodles are surprisingly good considering the very low prices at the all you can eat Korean restaurant: $20.99 for dinner and $15.99 for lunch. Their menu has the most delicious glass noodles, but you need to try their “K.F.C” (Korean Fried Chicken) dish. Get yourself a drink. Don’t leave without tasting their macaron ice cream sandwiches—bomb.

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Gen Korean BBQ has drawn crowds and gained fans rather quickly, so much that they’re expanding to Spring Valley after only two years in Las Vegas. It’s raising the bar in other communities, too, such as Glendale, Oxnard, Tustin, Corona, West Covina, Huntington Beach, Fullerton, Tempe, Alhambra, Cerritos, Chino Hills, Northridge, Rancho Cucamonga, Rowland Heights, San Jose, Torrance, Carrollton, Milpitas, Honolulu, Montclair, and Fremont with San Diego on the way as well.