New York Weekend Roundup: Scares, Singing, And Sipping


With Halloween getting closer by the minute, the city used the weekend to go all out on Halloween festivities, whether that meant trick or treating through apartments for kids, or heading out to the bars in full costume for grown-ups. It also meant the Manhattan was a no holds bar for all the best Halloween and fall events. Whether you like scary things or not, here are some of our favorite events from this weekend.

Blood Manor


The ultimate urban haunted house, Blood Manor is one of the scariest things we’ve seen in this city. And we’ve ridden the subway after midnight before. This Varick Street location is 5,000 square feet of intricately woven webs, mazes, and alcoves full of ghouls, monsters, and more ready to pounce. The lines were insanely long all weekend and show no signs of stopping until Halloween is firmly behind us.

Be Cute Brooklyn


On a lighter note, the Be Cute Brooklyn festival was a giant dance party for fans of smash hits of the 90’s from Janet Jackson, Brittany Spears, and the rest of their ilk. While concertgoers mostly grew up in the 00’s, the music has never left them as huge crowds were brought out to the Brooklyn space Littlefield for the event. The campy drag event featured appearances worth cringing over like Horrorchata, Amber Valentine, Mocha Lite, West Dakota, Lady Quesa’Dilla, Charlene, Merrie Cherry and other borough drag legends.

Cider Week


Fall is the ultimate time of year to get out of town for some apple picking, cider donut eating, craft cider drinking, and leaf peeping. If you’re staying in the city lately, Cider Week concluded Sunday with a roundup of all the best new cider makers pedaling their wares to happy-go-lucky drinkers all afternoon. With so many different apples, techniques, and processes to make a cider, the range of options was enough to bring crowds all over town following the fall drink of choice.