Take A Peek Inside The New Alice In Wonderland-Inspired Hotspot, Poppy

In general, living in L.A. can feel a little bit like falling down the rabbit hole. The h.wood Group (of Bootsy Bellows LA & Aspen & Dallas, The NICE GUY LA & Aspen, SHOREbar Santa Monica & Cabo, Mexico, Blind Dragon LA & Dubai & Scottsdale, Heart of Omnia Las Vegas, Delilah, The Peppermint Club and Petite Taqueria fame) not only realized this, but capitalized on it by opening its new Alice in Wonderland-inspired nightlife concept, Poppy, on August 24—just in time for the Labor Day weekend.

Group chiefs John Terzian and Brian Toll wanted Poppy to be a hybrid nightclub, portraying a fantasy world transporting into an underlying stream of consciousness filled with the extensive menagerie of characters from a storybook setting, inspired by stream-of-consciousness psychology and literature. Terzian, The h.wood Group’s co-founder, seeks to create a narrative throughout the venue. Industry-leading designer John Sofio of Built, Inc. recreated this vision with a garden-inspired entrance leading into two main euphoric experiences, the kaleidoscope library and the fashion-inspired atrium. Poppy’s décor includes vaulted arched ceilings, acid-stained antique mirrors, sweeping angles and floral designed tones; surrealist and literary references also appear throughout the venue.


Says Sofio of bringing the design to life, “As you enter Poppy, you will travel through a lush vortex of landscaping into a fashion inspired atrium, draped in fabrics of an exotic collection. The space will pull you deeper into a surreal land of mystery and adventure.” He adds, “Designing Poppy was a thrilling challenge. Transforming a restaurant into a lush nightlife experience was he challenge. My design creates an exhilarating feeling unlike anything in Los Angeles. Thousands of collected tomes and objects fill the walls of Poppy. Acid-stained, antique mirrors catch and reflect stray light. Fabric patterns inspired by the latest Paris runways drape the couches throughout the rooms. Dark tones of rich mahogany add comfort to the luxury. Opulent lights float majestically; warmth emanates.”

The venue will also feature a private room housing an exclusive bar under a curved upholstered ceiling where it will be sure to allow Hollywood’s royalty to imbibe the night away in comfort and luxury, though it isn’t for just the A-list alone. Says Terzian,  “We really love creating different worlds with our special collection of upscale lounge atmospheres for our family and friends. We are taking ‘Poppy’ to the next level and will essentially be the live version of a surrealism painting. It’s the most innovative concept with a dream sequence that we have aspired and achieved for within the h.wood Group portfolio.”

He adds, “Through out the venue, guests will be whisked away feeling lost in a surrealistic dream, finding themselves among the whimsical bohemian cast of modern mermaids, peacock poppies, garden gypsies, baroque layers, human animals, with swinging storytellers, all while listening and engaging with great music, socializing and dancing or lounging in the indoor/outdoor patio area, receiving personalized poems and caricature portraits, as bottled spirits are encapsulated in oversized roses and oyster shells and crystallized bathtubs, correlated by their matching roleplaying hostesses.”

To that we say, Mr. Terzian, we are so ready to fall down this rabbit hole with you.


The nightclub will be open only on Thursdays from 10 pm to 2am.

Poppy 755 N. La Cienaga Blvd., West Hollywood