San Francisco’s Most Instagram-Worthy Restaurants

To many San Franciscan foodies, Instagram is the ideal place to share their latest culinary conquests. It’s something of a sport with certain restaurants more-Instagram worthy than others. For example, you can’t show up at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse at 6 a.m. to wait in line for one of their magical cruffins without Instagramming it, right? The entire point of waking up early and waiting in line is to document it to your thousands of jealous and hungry followers. What other places are like Mr. Holmes—where an Insta snapshot of something delicious is a requirement of dining there? Here we share SF’s most Instagrammable restaurants.

Tartine Manufactory

Chad Robertson and Elizabeth Prueitt already established a huge following at their beloved Mission bakery Tartine, so when they moved to a larger location, it became an instant hit and a destination on every foodie in the world’s must-visit list. There is an ice cream shop, bakery, restaurant, bar, and coffee shop, so choose your Insta shot wisely.  

Le Marais


Bakeries have a sweet spot in Instagram influencers’ hearts. Why? Because the pastries are so photogenic! Case in point: Le Marais, the amazing bakery in the Marina and Castro.

Media Noche



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Newcomer Cuban counter in the Mission became an overnight sensation on Instagram thanks to its uniquely tiled floors, ice cream pops, flamingo mural, and banana wallpaper. Those four unique elements scream Instagram!

Craftsman and Wolves  

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Pastry wizard William Werner astounded the food world when he figured out how to cook a soft-boiled egg inside of a sausage muffin. When sliced in half, the muffin, known as The Rebel Within, has an oozing yellow egg yolk. Everyone knows oozing yellow egg yolk equals tons of likes on Insta!

Roam Artisan Burgers


Shoestring fries, colorful vegetable salads, housemade sodas, frothy milkshakes, and decadent burgers are served at Roam’s various locations around the Bay. Some of their burgers have tortilla chips and French fries in between the buns, which is perfect for Instagram.


Lolo in the Mission is an authentic Mexican restaurant that serves creative cuisine and potent cocktails in an eclectic atmosphere. The food and drink stand alone as Insta stars, but interior lovers can’t help but share the insane wall decor. Where else in the world are rubber dishwashing gloves and kitchen towels used as decoration? Other items that adorn the walls at Lolo? Brooms, black blazers, and paper boats.

Lilholiho Yacht Club


In the white tile on the floor outside of Liholiho in the Tenderloin there are blue letters that spell Aloha. Instagramers can snap the requisite shoe-and-welcome-sign photo or shoot more memorable moments inside where there is a large mural of a Hawaiian woman and sensational island-inspired fare.



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Brunch is a thing on Instagram and if you’re traveling all the way out to the avenues, you’ve got to document your trip! Bonus points if your picture involves bacon, their amazing housemade doughnuts, or a sunnyside up egg.

The Mill


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Fancy toast + Four Barrel coffee = Instagram sensation! That’s the equation at the Mill. Earlier this year, they took their Insta-star quality up a notch by launching a pizza menu. Every night hungry Instagrammers can get their fix with a different vegetarian pie.


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Michelin-star Moroccan food created by one of SF’s most eligible bachelor chefs that’s served in the city’s sexist dining space? Enough said: Ideal for Insta!