Your Key to Summer in the Hamptons: EmpireCLS Provides Luxury on the Road

Empire CLSPhoto Credit: Empire CLS

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line car service for your next venture to the Hamptons, EmpireCLS has you covered with luxury transportation. From family vacations to crunch time work trips, the car service captures what it means to be punctual and safe, never failing to provide the most grand amenities and services.

With a fleet of excellence, including Mercedes Benz, BMW, the Cadillac Escalade and Rolls-Royce Ghost, Empire CLS will have you feeling polished and refreshed for whatever your trip to the Hamptons has in store for you. Each ride, most notably the Rolls-Royce Ghost, exudes the essence of prestige. The rich leather, smooth paint finish and notable grill will have heads turning as you ride in utmost style.

Conveniently, the haute car service has a VIP Airport Greeters program. If you tend to find yourself stressfully trying to find a suitable ride after you touch down, Empire CLS provides stress-free, expedited transit with helicopter and private jet transfers.

The chauffeur service has earned world-renowned accolades as a result of its high-end, seemingly limitless amenities. With free in-car wifi, Empire CLS makes working on the go possible. Along with bottled water and cell phone chargers, every car is driven by a secure and trained chauffeur who works to provide personalized, top-notch services.

empire cls rolls roycePhoto Credit: Empire CLS