New Benetti Fast 125 “Skyler”: When Luxury And Technology Meet

Serene and stylish: these are the best words to describe the new Benetti Fast 125 “Skyler” which is about to be delivered to its owner. While being a gorgeous yacht to see, it is not that obvious that this is one of the most state-of-the-art yachts to be launched in this segment.

Benetti Fast 125_Skyler_external (1)The “Skyler” is the third Fast-range yacht by Benetti to be fitted with Rolls-Royce Azipull Carbon 65 (AZP C65) propulsion system. Build primarily from carbon fiber; this propulsion system benefits from a greatly reduced weight. At the same time, it is very efficient and allows for easy and fast maintenance. It even comes with a “stay on spot” technology, in which the boat can automatically maintain its place thanks to GPS.

Benetti Fast 125_Skyler_external areas (1)The propulsion system is not the only place where you can find carbon fiber in this yacht. The superstructure is made from a combination of carbon fiber and epoxy resins, making it about 40% lighter than a steel structure would be. Its “Displacement to Planing” hull combined the advantages of the displacement hull at low speeds, with the planing hull when the speed is increased. Combined this also makes the yacht quite full efficient, while it has a top speed of 22 knots and a cruising speed of 17.5 knots.

Benetti Fast 125_Skyler_internal areas (7)The interior is nothing but comfort and luxury, as one would expect from a yacht os this stature. Even the galley comes with a central island, and a custom made marble table, that will delight the owner as much as any chef.

Benetti Fast 125_Skyler_internal areas (2)The owner has an exquisite master suite at his disposal, while four additional cabins can accommodate family and friends. There are even four crew cabins.

Benetti Fast 125_Skyler_external areas (4)In its design, the Benetti Fast 125 “Skyler” takes full advantage of all the room that this semi-wide body yacht has to offer. The outside has four different area’s to relax and enjoy, with the beach on the aft section even complete with bar.

Benetti Fast 125_Skyler_nocturnalThe inside living areas are beautifully furnished, with the top of the line materials and designed by Redman Whiteley Dixon. They really make the most of the space of this yacht and even incorporated high-end details such as leather ceiling and wall upholstery, making this Benetti Fast 125 “Skyler” the perfect marriage of ultimate style and state-of-the-art technology.