Drink of the Week: The Magical Unicorn Cocktail at Terranea

Terranea Resort, A Destination Hotel - Unicorn CocktailPhoto Credit: Terranea Resort, A Destination Hotel

Unicorn cocktails are everything right now. It isn’t so surprising that the world might need something magical at the moment, and cakes, cupcakes, parfaits and, yes, even cocktails may just be the answer. Starbucks even released a color and taste changing frappuccino! At the very least, these legendary creature-inspired items are whetting our whimsy like whoa. And we have good news: instead of coveting all the rainbow-colored treats popping up on social media and bemoaning the fact that you can’t try them, in regards to one at least, you actually can. At Terranea Resort (a Destination hotel) you’ll find the photogenic Unicorn Cocktail, which contains a delightful combination of Tanqueray, lime, lemon, simple syrup and strawberry sorbet, topped with orange and turmeric foam, Chantilly cream laced with blue curacao and which is, of course, garnished with sprinkles.

We were so enchanted with this beautiful, layered libation that we needed more information, so hit up Adam Stearns, a mixologist at Terranea, for this magical drink’s details.

“The cocktail is special because it creates a unique combination of classic ideas, and flamboyant fruit forward flavors. The drink is more an inspiration of the ideas that Terranea represents than it is special to its location—Terranea is about creating a unique environment where the guests are provided high quality provisions without a strict or robotic atmosphere, all in the most beautiful fashion,” says Stearns, who adds, “The most unique thing about it is probably the foam that goes over the top. It houses most of the extravagant garnishes while providing a stark contrast in texture and flavor profile from the main components of the cocktail. Believe it or not, I thought of doing a twist on a Ramos gin fizz, and this is what came out.”

Mar'sel at Terranea
Mar’sel at Terranea

Photo Credit: Terranea Resort, A Destination Hotel