Quick Hits: The Taittinger Heiress Shares How to Drink Champagne Like a Lady

Vitalie Tattinger
Vitalie Tattinger

How does one drink champagne like a lady? Just ask Taittinger heiress and brand artistic director Vitalie Taittinger—she should know. Since joining her family’s Champagne house in 2007, Vitalie has led the marketing and communications efforts at Champagne Taittinger, utilizing her art and design training to move the iconic brand forward. Her personal mission is to develop and reinforce the image of the company in visual identity and design. Vitalie was also recently appointed as Champagne Taittinger’s global ambassador and can be seen in advertisements all around the world, re-interpreting the iconic L’instant Taittinger image with Grace Kelly. Although she is highly involved in the Champagne Taittinger business, Vitalie is focused on her family first and foremost. She is the mother of three beautiful children, who she hopes will someday also be a part of Champagne Taittinger. Here, this French legacy shares five tried and true champagne drinking tips.


  1. The Art Of The Pop, Fizz, Clink


Opening a bottle of Champagne with a smile and effortless ease is simple. The most important factor is a properly chilled bottle, either in an ice bucket with water and ice, or around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This will prevent the Champagne from overflowing or exploding. Remove the foil, delicately, and loosen the wire cage by turning the tab about 5-6 times. Loosen it enough to fit over the lip of the bottle – but don’t take it off yet! Be sure to keep your thumb over both the cork and cage to secure it from flying out. Hold bottle at a 45° angle and start to rotate the base of the Champagne bottle while keeping pressure over the cork and cage with your thumb and hand. As the cork starts to push out of the bottle apply resistance (just like you would at the gym – you’ve got this!) and it will slowly come out. You’re looking for a whisper of a sound as you remove the cork, not a loud pop.

  1. Choose Your Perfect Glassware

Tulip glassware is idyllic for casual Champagne drinking. The larger the bowl of the glass, the more the aroma and taste is enhanced. The shape of the glass can definitely affect the taste. The v at the base of the glass enhances the mousse and streams of bubbles, while the bowl accentuates the nuances and layers of mature Champagne. The aromatics collect near the narrower rim, still wide enough to get your nose into the glass. Divine!

  1. Be Your Best Hostess

It’s hard to say no to a chilled bottle of Champagne on ice. What I love about Champagne is that you never need to ask someone if they want a glass because there is nothing better than just being handed one. It implies a welcoming sense of hospitality and excitement unique only to Champagne. One glass so easily leads to another – an ultimate seduction of the senses.

  1. Spice Up Your Champagne

A simple way to add a pop of color to your bubbly is to garnish glasses with edible flowers and berries before serving. Try a few golden or red raspberries, or even a few edible pansies when serving to guests.

  1. Sabering 101

After a personal victory or milestone – sabering magnums of Champagne is the ultimate way to celebrate! Line up a couple of magnums – chilled extremely cold. You most like won’t have a large sword handy so a heavy-duty chef knife will do. Completely remove the foil and cage, and tilt to a 45 degree angle. Slide the saber along the seam of the bottle and follow through with a swift clink to the lower lip- the cork will come off in tact with the lip of the bottle. Champagne will start flowing immediately so have glasses ready to be filled! Just make sure no one is in the line of fire, safety first!