Wet, Plaited and Wavy: Hair Trends for Spring 2017

HAIR SPRING 2017 OPENERBraids, waves and wet locks – the hair trends for 2017 come with strands of nostalgia for the aughts. With a focus on texture, the looks xerither follow the natural flow of the hair or subdue it to highly structured ‘dos. Whether you decide to embrace the raw state of your hair or to give it a styling boost, you will not be too far off the runway fads.

Wet and Slick Affair

wet three

Wet hair is back, reviving a dash that might as well have been considered a thing of the past. Variations abound. Drenched in a splash of creams, gels and oils, it is either pulled back, as at Balmain’s show, or tied in a tight knot, as at Thakoon. Wetted at the top, parted or slicked behind the ears, the hair succumbs to various looks – left to flow freely or plated in braids and loops. No matter the particularities, one facet is a must – shine, shine, shine.

Braid it Up 

braids three

Lacing up duality, braids evoke the frivolity and playfulness of childhood and, at the same time, the resolve and determination of womanhood. Hence, no wonder that they are a coveted staple on and off the catwalks. Spring 2017 sees braids reign in all of their stylistic and symbolic diversity. Loose and frizzy plaits, as seen at Valentino, evoke old-time sensuality, while small and firm braids (think the upside down variant at Christian Dior) cue to feminine grit. Delicate and beaded or thick and unfastened, braids can weld into any hairdo, fixing a little accent or the focal point.

Crashing Waves

waves three

Think that beach-wave hairdos belong to the summer? You better reconsider. In Spring 2017, waves come crashing with multitude of styles. For naturally curly locks, this trend will not be hard to attain as it aims for an easy, no-hassle look. For those that need a bit of an additional help, coarse coils crimpled up with soak-effect creams or gentle waves achieved with a simple sleep-with braid will do the trick.

While braids, wet ‘dos and waves dominate the hairstyle book of Spring 2017, bangs – short or long, thick or lank – deep-side sweeps and old-fashioned bobs also feature prominently. Regardless of what look you assemble your mane into, tuck oversized bejeweled bands and pins to the side to class it up.