Is surgery of the neck better than minimally invasive procedures?

Do people still do surgery of the neck? All I hear about is a minimally invasive procedures. If people are still doing it, what are the advantages?

Of course, people are still doing neck surgery; I do it at least once or twice a week.

With the plethora of treatments now offered with laser, radio frequency, freezing and ultrasound, you would think these are the only methods that improve the appearance of the neck. These treatments work well for patients that need minimal improvement, have some loose skin or have excess fat and a double chin. Frequently these procedures must be done multiple times over a long period of time.

So to answer your question, the main reason why invasive procedures work, is just that — they work! There is rapid recovery, usually just one surgery, and very often the cost is about the same as the noninvasive procedures that are done more frequently. So the bottom line is that noninvasive procedures have their place and surgical procedures have their place and I genuinely believe this will not change at any time soon.

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