What’s On My Desk: Barry’s Bootcamp CEO Joey Gonzalez

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If you’re a true Angeleno and into health and fitness, chances are that, at some point, you’ve tried Barry’s Bootcamp. This is the ultimate high-intensity workout, combining treadmill routines and strength training immediately after, a technique which works to “shock” the body in the most efficient and effective way to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight and build muscle. A-list celebs, models—even Olympic athletes—head to Barry’s for 25-30 minutes of interval cardiovascular treadmill routines and 25-30 minutes of strength training utilizing free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls and other equipment. You’ll find the brand’s CEO, Joey Gonzalez—who also happens to be a personal trainer—front and center at the newly renovated flagship West Hollywood location, which now offers luxury amenities including locker rooms with showers, a fuel bar offering signature Barry’s Bootcamp smoothies and a larger retail space. Gonzalez started off as a fan of the brand before starting as a trainer in 2004 and quickly working his way up to manager status.  In 2006, Gonzalez partnered with Barry’s Bootcamp to help bring “The Best Workout in the World” to San Diego and New York City, in addition to becoming a founding member of the Barry’s Bootcamp Franchise Co. Gonzalez soon took on the role of COO and Partner and in summer 2015 was named CEO of the company. While continuing to teach several classes per week, Gonzalez, also a co-owner of West Hollywood’s new hot spot Au Fudge alongside Jessica Biel and stylist Estee Stanley, has dedicated his life to expanding the brand across the country and overseas – opening new studios, collaborating with fashion designers on retail offerings and overseeing the training of new instructors. Here, this fitness and business guru shares a look at where he gets the job done when he’s not whipping the A-list into shape.


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  • Architectural renderings: We are expanding globally and getting ready to open new studios across the world in the USA, Europe and even further afield. I review all the renderings for every new location. It’s important that every studio reflects the Barry’s brand but feels unique for its own community—it’s a mix of science and art. 
  • A pencil: For notes! I prefer working in pencil because it allows me to start from scratch or pivot without a ton of messy crossing outs all over the original. 
  • Barry’s water: I always take or teach class first thing in the morning and then head straight to the office. Staying hydrated throughout the day is imperative to good health. Drink water!
  • Laptop: It feels like a part of me! I’m on this throughout the day to stay connected to our teams across the world. We do a lot of face-to-face video calls as well as emails. 
  • Family photo: This photo makes me happy—it’s that simple!