Iconic NYC Stationer’s 10 Tips for Millennial Manhattan Brides

Now that it’s wedding season, our thoughts turn to…. logistics! The planning, the gown, the overwhelming everything!!  And, of course, to invites, and with that, the great paper-digital divide.

Sure you live on your iPhone, but is an e-vite wedding invitation the way you really want to go? Consider Aunt Sally, who is  still on dial up and since everything, well, takes a while to load, she only checks her email only once or twice a year. Or maybe Uncle Ted won’t go near a computer. Even tech savvy cousin Sarah—your wedding e-vite just might end up in her Spam folder.

Engraved invitations are always in fashion. Photos: Dempsey and Carroll
Engraved invitations are always in fashion. Photos:
Dempsey and Carroll

We turned to the experts at Dempsey and Carroll for advice on when to do paper and when to go digital for wedding season. And who better to know how to do paper with flawless style than a firm that has provided writing papers (aka stationery, but English writer Nancy Mitford nixed the term, saying it wasn’t quite posh enough) to New York and Washington elites since the 19th century. Dempsey and Carroll has been the go-to for presidential inauguration invites and for writing papers for everyone from Bill Clinton to Madonna (not that you heard it from them–the company is super discreet about its client list). Here Lauren Marrus, CEO of Dempsey and Carroll, gives ten great tips for working through the paper and digital dilemma, as well as other wedding invitation how-tos.

1: Send a physical wedding invite—a beautifully hand-engraved invitation never goes out of style. Guests appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Invitations should go out two months before the wedding; save-the-dates six months prior.

2: With regard to the announcement, Save the Dates should be in the mail roughly 6 months prior to your ceremony. This allows guests ample time to plan. The actual wedding invitation should be mailed out approximately 2 months before the ceremony.

3: Digital RSVPs are a great way to seamlessly gather your final guest list, but don’t overlook the pluses of a response card. It provides a formal platform for your guests to respond in a handwritten manner if they so choose. Brides and grooms love to read response cards even years later. They create a wonderful keepsake of the big day.

4: Direction inserts in your wedding suite add a nice touch especially when it comes in the form of a hand-drawn map. Supply an insert card with the directions and then add them to your website (if you have one). That way your guest has multiple ways to access the information.

5: Dress codes are an essential aspect to the feel of your wedding. Black tie means, black tie, and absolutely no shorts! Make sure your guests know what the requirements are by adding the dress code to your invitation as well as listing it on your website. The more places your guests can access the information, the better.

6: Don’t forget the little touches. Place cards, escort cards, table numbers, and hang tags for bottles are excellent ways to decorate throughout the wedding. It’s these little touches that really tie the whole event together.

A wedding suite of writing papers includes everything from the actual invitation to thank-you notes and place cards.

7: Send “thank you” notes in a timely manner, and be sure to include specific anecdotes from the wedding with this person. A personal “thank you” goes much further than a general note, and will be appreciated much more.

8: As a guest, the “thank you” applies to you as well. Send a well-written note to your host, thanking them for including you in the big event.

9: Going with paper doesn’t mean forgoing social media! Rather, include it in an appropriate  fashion. Many couples use an insert card containing their wedding website, Instagram, or hashtags.

10. Plan for eye-catching decor for your wedding and reception that will encourage guests to use the social media elements you’ve set up for the wedding. Photo booths/stations are the best way to encourage plenty of pictures, and lots of memories. And don’t forget to #hashtag.

For more information, go to: dempseyandcarroll.com